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Construction Management

Fire and Emergency Services (Online Program)

EMS1055-1H00,1H01(12858,22546) – Emerg Med Responder (instructure.com) Derek Hunt

FES2941-33C0(13921) – EM Internship(UFO) (instructure.com) Adam Smith

FES3004-1E67(13922) – Pol Leg Fnd Fire Pro(UFO) (instructure.com) John Murphy

FES3015-1E55(13941) – Prin of FES Managemnt(UFO) (instructure.com) Adam Smith

FES3153-1E48(13942) – FES Com and Info Tech(UFO) (instructure.com) Dennis Mitterer

FES3227-12B4(13943) – Ambulance Operations(UFO) (instructure.com) Denise Pouget

FES3285-186D,1E58(13944,13945) – Adv Leadership in EMS (instructure.com) Adam Smith

FES3533-2G88(13946) – Comm Risk Red Emer Se(UFO) (instructure.com) Adam Smith

FES3720-1E60,3B05(13947,13948) – Strategic Plan FES (instructure.com) Dennis Mitterer

FES3753-1E68(13968) – FES Financial Mgmt(UFO) (instructure.com) Dennis Mitterer

FES3782-LA08(22163) – App Fire Res(UFO) (instructure.com) Jeffrey Lindsey

FES3815-7433(13969) – Command/Contr Catastr(UFO) (instructure.com) Jeffrey Lindsey

FES3822-1E64(13970) – Dis Pol Em(UFO) (instructure.com) Dennis Mitterer

FES4003-1E69(13971) – Fire and Emerg Svcs Adm(UFO) (instructure.com) Adam Smith

FES4014-09H3(18834) – Found Em(UFO) (instructure.com) James Weed

FES4023-1E70(13972) – FES Ethic Prac/Leader(UFO) (instructure.com) Cheryl Horvath

FES4045-2G92(13973) – Pers Mgmt for Emrg Sr(UFO) (instructure.com) Adam Smith

FES4055-09H6(18835) – Pub Info Com Rel Es(UFO) (instructure.com) Adam Smith

FES4234-0382(13974) – EMS Com Risk Red(UFO) (instructure.com) Jaime Greene

FES4274-038G(13992) – Qual Mgmt Res in Es(UFO) (instructure.com) Dennis Mitterer

FES4685-2016(13993) – Fire Invest and Analys(UFO) (instructure.com) Christopher Reynolds

FES4825-1E73(13994) – Dis Plan and Contr(UFO) (instructure.com) Jeffrey Lindsey

FES4835-1E75(13995) – Nat Disas Phen for Es(UFO) (instructure.com) Ronnie Gill

FES4884-291C(13996) – Intro Terr Em(UFO) (instructure.com) Chris Reynolds

FES6724-09H7(18836) – FES Response Planning(ESD) (instructure.com) Barbara Klingensmith

FES6726-01HH(13998) – Hazard Mitigat and Prep(ESD) (instructure.com) Reginald Freeman

FES6736-09H8(18837) – Homeland Security &Em(ESD) (instructure.com) Chris Reynolds

FES6786-13AG(13999) – Resrch Methods in FES(ESD) (instructure.com) Jeffrey Lindsey

FES6806-15G8(14016) – Disast Resp and Recover(ESD) (instructure.com) Dennis Mitterer

FES6826-012C(14017) – Emrg Serv Disast Resp(ESD) (instructure.com) Jeffrey Lindsey

FES6836-177E(14018) – Nat Man-Made Disaster(ESD) (instructure.com) Christopher Reynolds

FES6916-0246(14019) – Rsh for Masters Rprt(ESD) (instructure.com) Jeffrey Lindsey

FES6940-0242(14020) – Practicum in FES(ESD) (instructure.com) Dennis Mitterer

Historic Preservation

International Construction Management

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Interior Design

Landscape Architecture


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Sustainability and the Built Environment

·        DCP 3200 > Methods of Inquiry in Sustainability and the Built Environment

o   https://ufl.instructure.com/courses/462925/assignments/syllabus

·        DCP 3220 > Social & Cultural Sustainability and the Built Environment

o   https://ufl.instructure.com/courses/462926/assignments/syllabus

·        DCP 4930 > Community Resilience: Assessment, Planning, & Action

o   https://ufl.instructure.com/courses/462927/assignments/syllabus

Urban and Regional Planning



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Gator Nation Giving Day

Gator Nation Giving Day

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