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The mission of the College of Design, Construction and Planning (DCP) is to improve the quality of the built and natural environments through offering exceptional educational and professional programs and research/scholarship initiatives that address the planning, design, construction, and preservation of the built and natural environments. DCP is composed of three schools: the School of Architecture, the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning, and the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management; the Department of Interior Design; the Program in Historic Preservation; and the Program in Sustainability and the Built Environment. DCP is one of a select set of colleges in the U.S. that combines all of the design and construction disciplines. This presents DCP students with a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary learning.

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Degree Programs


The School of Architecture recognizes design as a synthesis of thinking, analyzing, and making — an iterative process that engages issues of space, historical precedent, sustainability, ecology, urbanity, landscape, built-form, and construction toward innovation.

Construction Management

Construction management is the planning, coordination, and supervision of a project from beginning to completion. The core curriculum focuses on understanding the construction management process through a foundation of technical, managerial, and business courses.

Interior Design

Interior designers design spaces within a wide variety of market sectors including hotel, restaurant, and themed design; corporate office; retail; healthcare from hospitals to specialized clinics; educational design from K-12 learning environments to college campuses; and residential design from high-end single-family to multi-family dwellings.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture applies artistic and scientific principles to the research, planning, design and management of natural and built environments.  The integrated research curriculum focuses on applying the design process to create ecologically healthy spaces and equitable sustainable solutions for communities in Florida and around the world.

Sustainability and the Built Environment

 Sustainability protects the natural and cultural resources of our built environment by reducing energy demand, conserving water, improving indoor air quality, managing waste, and promoting sustainable practices in transportation, building construction, and land use development. 

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