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The mission of the College of Design Construction and Planning is to improve the quality of the built and natural environments through offering exceptional educational and professional programs and research/scholarship initiatives that address the planning, design, construction, and preservation of the built and natural environments.

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The Spring 2021 semester will introduce “hy-flex” classroom delivery to our college.
Here, we answer some of the most common questions you may have.



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The UF College of Design, Construction and Planning is the only college in the nation that houses design, construction and planning under one college. However it is not recognized nationally and internationally as the leader in the educational world, and it should be. The College needs alumni support to compete with the nation’s best. We are educating the next generation of professionals and need your help to continue providing educational and research opportunities for the current students and faculty. Your donation will directly impact the future of the design, construction and planning industry.



Cat Lindsay

B.Des 1986

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Ravi Srinivasan

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