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If we are to be one of the world’s great research universities, as we are, our research and our education must have meaningful connections to every group, every people, every culture across our planet. It is imperative that we remain committed to making sure every international student, every international applicant, and every potential applicant know that UF is a place that welcomes students from all nations and cultures and ethnicities. We must work harder at being an inclusive university for our current and our potential students, as well as visiting staff and faculty from across the globe.

UF President Kent Fuchs
State of the University address to the UF Faculty Senate
22 August 2019

At DCP, we are continuously expanding our international outlook and impact in education, research, and service. We aim to strengthen internationalization at DCP, increase DCP’s visibility in the world, and reinforce DCP’s position as a global college, while simultaneously reinforcing UF’s position as a global university.

The DCP Global Education office provides assistance and support services to our students (international and domestic), visiting scholars, and faculty, as well as managing our international agreements. In addition, we engage students and faculty in all of our disciplines in a wide array of global engagements through the DCP Global program. We seek to ensure all students have access to courses and study programs that link academic and professional education to practices around the world.  This includes:

  • Study abroad programs (both short-term, semester-long, and with opportunities for dual degrees)
  • Research support for topics with global focus
  • Internship/fellowship experiences

DCP has permanent facilities in Vicenza, Italy to support semester-long study in architecture. We work with international partners in Europe, Asia, Central and South America and Australia to provide intensive international engagement and to partner on collaborative research projects. DCP has established an office at the University of Indonesia to facilitate engagement with several of its top universities in the area of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, sustainability and urban and regional planning. Ongoing partnerships in Singapore with the School of Environment and Design at the National University of Singapore, with the Center for Urban Greenery and Ecology within Singapore’s National Parks Board, in collaboration with the Building Construction Authority Academy of Singapore, and American Center for Education, facilitate study and research opportunities. In addition, DCP programs have developed new course offerings that provide exposure to students in global matters.

Current and past overseas study opportunities in DCP disciplines have included:

  • Australia – construction management, urban and regional planning
  • Austria – urban and regional planning
  • Brazil – urban and regional planning
  • China – architecture, interior design, urban and regional planning
  • Cuba – architecture
  • Dominican Republic – urban and regional planning
  • France – architecture, historic preservation
  • Germany – interior design, urban and regional planning
  • India – architecture, urban and regional planning
  • Indonesia – historic preservation, interior design, landscape architecture, sustainability, urban and regional planning
  • Italy – architecture
  • Mexico –architecture
  • Netherlands – sustainability, urban and regional planning
  • Poland – landscape architecture
  • Singapore – construction management, landscape architecture, sustainability
  • Sweden – historic preservation, interior design

Visit the Study Abroad page to learn more about our current program offerings.

For further information regarding any global education questions or concerns, please contact Donna Cohen (dcohen@ufl.edu).

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