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Assistant Scholar – Job No.: 502107 – View Job Posting

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First meeting of Search Committee is Wednesday, May 3rd at 3:30.

Search Committee Members:

Peggy Carr, Chair
Crystal Goodison, Member
Stanley Latimer, Member

Resilient Built Environments – Cluster Hire

Job Posting

Search Committee:

  • Abdol Chini (Interim Assoc. Dean): Chair
  • Margaret Portillo (Interim Assoc. Dean)
  • Bradley Walters (School of Architecture)
  • Raymond Issa (Rinker School of Construction Management)
  • Sheila Bosch (Dept. of Interior Design)
  • Paul Zwick (School of Landscape Architecture and Planning)-
  • Lily Elefteriadou (Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment)


  • January 30, 2017, 11AM – 12PM, Dean’s Conference Room


Department of Landscape Architecture

Assistant/Associate Professor Faculty Position 2016-2017 Search Committee Meeting

Job Posting

Committee Members:

Michael Volk, Chair
Costis Alexakis
Peggy Carr
Tom Hoctor
Dan Manley
Kevin Thompson

Minutes from Fall 2016 Faculty Search Committee Meetings

Minutes from Spring 2017 Faculty Search Committee Meetings