UF College of Design, Construction & Planning

Gator Design and Construction @ Santa Fe

The Gator Design and Construction @ Santa Fe program, a collaboration between the University of Florida and Santa Fe College, is an innovative collection of degree programs. This program allows a cohort of students to begin their coursework at Santa Fe College and gain early admission to UF.

  • Participants in the Design Programs who meet minimal tracking requirements will obtain UF status after the second semester.
  • Participants in the Construction Management Program who meet minimal tracking requirements will obtain UF status after the first semester.

Students are evaluated for this program after first being considered for freshman admission to UF. Students invited to this program must apply through the freshman admissions process. The deadline for freshman applications to UF is November 1st.

Degree Programs Participating

Bachelor of Design, Architecture

The School of Architecture provides an excellent educational experience for students entering the profession of architecture. The primary mission of the School is to teach students the means by which they can be responsive to human needs in creating the built environment. Our students must be perceptive, skilled and inventive – capable of acting in a responsible manner in today’s profession, while continuing to learn throughout their lives so as to realize a visionary profession for the future. The most important facet of this educational mission is to instill in our students a strong social consciousness and a desire to be active participants in improving the quality of their communities.

Bachelor of Design, Interior Design

Interior Design is considered both an art and a science that involves the creation of imaginative and well-conceived spaces that serve the needs, functions, and requirements of individuals; provide a sense of place within both public and private spaces for group and individual activity; are appropriate and sustainable; and include the community, owners, users, designers, planners, and contractors as active participants in the design process. The Interior Design program educates students to be strong creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, technically skilled and able to communicate exceptionally well visually, verbally and in writing.

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is the comprehensive design of landform and how it relates to humans occupying the built environment. The profession of landscape architecture encompasses broad design challenges such as public space design, site planning, storm water management, urban planning, environmental restoration, parks and recreational planning, as well as residential design. Students enrolled in the Landscape Architecture program at the University of Florida take advantage of nationally respected and internationally recognized faculty to learn a wide spectrum of skills involving practice, theory and methods, with topics focusing on areas that include sustainability, land use and resource planning, community design, urban design, tourism, landscape management, geographic information systems (GIS), historic preservation, social and behavioral issues, perception and landscape history. Curriculum options include an eight month, professional-practice internship, focused electives for individual specialization. Study abroad opportunities include faculty-led summer programs in places as varied as Indonesia, Brazil, Nantucket, Mexico and China.

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

Construction management is the planning, coordination, and supervision of a project from beginning to completion. The core curriculum focuses on understanding the construction management process through a foundation of technical, managerial, and business courses. The Rinker School of Construction Management prepares students with the professional capabilities to plan, direct, and coordinate activities involved with the construction and maintenance of structures, facilities, and systems.

Graduates are typically employed by general contractors, developers, home builders, heavy construction industry (oil, petrochemical, paper), and service industries (bank, mortgage company).

The Rinker School is housed in Rinker Hall, the first LEED certified building on UF campus and the 26th in Florida. Construction management students will receive hands on experience through in class labs in the Charles R. Perry Construction Yard and volunteering.


Gator Design and Construction @ Santa Fe students have unique opportunities that closely bond them to each other, to the UF campus, and to their chosen field of study.

Advantages for students participating in Gator Design and Construction @ Santa Fe include:

  • A close connection to the UF College of Design, Construction & Planning
  • A supportive cohort of fellow students in the program
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Access to GDC UF advisors who will meet with them regularly at Santa Fe College
  • Exposure to potential employers and faculty through information sessions, seminars, and courses
  • Access to all UF services once admitted as a UF student
  • Access to the UF at SF Center, a hub for UF on the Santa Fe campus
  • Participation in UF College of Design, Construction and Planning events
  • Participation in any of the UF student organizations (once admitted to UF)