Study Abroad

School of Architecture

East Asia Program

In this program, one of our architecture faculty will lead a group of UF architecture students during Summer A to visit various cities throughout East Asia to participate in a joint design studio with local schools of architecture. The students will return in Summer B and work on a research project based on their experiences while in China.

Summer C Vertical studio: Advanced Graduate Design 3, Senior Level Studio for 6 credits and 3-credit seminar. This studio can also be taken as elective credits by SoA students and other majors.
Contact: Lee-Su Huang (

Mexico Studio

Studio Mexico is a summer traveling design studio and integrated seminar that examines new strategies of sustainable placemaking in the tropics. The work of Studio Mexico is an on-going study investigating the influence of landscape, climate, and culture on placemaking in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Summer C Vertical studio: Advanced SoA Graduate Design 3, Senior Level Studio for 6 credits and 3-credit seminar. This studio can also be taken as elective credits by SoA students and other majors.
ContactAlfonso Pérez-Méndez (

SoA Paris Studies Program

ARC 3291 Special Studies in Architecture for 3 credits. No prerequisites. (A Summer Intersession)
ContactNancy Clark (

Vicenza Institute of Architecture Program

The Vicenza Institute of Architecture (VIA) Program is a semester-long satellite-learning program of the University of Florida run by a rotating staff of University of Florida professors. VIA is based in Vicenza, Italy, a major center of the Veneto (the mainland region around the urban archipelago of Venice). The program focuses on evaluating and understanding the historical, social, cultural and physical aspects of this particularly rich urban context through design, research, and, documentation.
ContactAlfonso Perez-Mendez (

Design Exploration Program
Contact: Caroline Welch ( )

Preservation Institute: Caribbean (Mexico Studio/Cuba Studio)
Admission is open to UF students from all disciplines
Contact: Alfonso Pérez-Méndez (

Rinker School of Construction Management

Exchange Programs in Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, and Italy
Spring and summer semesters at the Fachhochschule Lippe in Detmold, Germany and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University in Melbourne, Australia and Curtin Univeristy in Perth, Australia, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Contact: Please visit for more information

Department of Interior Design

UF in Lippe

Summer Multidisciplinary Program
Fachhochschule Lippe in Detmold, Germany

Students participating in this program will attend Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe (TH-OWL) in Detmold, Germany for three or seven weeks over the summer semester.  As part of this program, students attend lectures and visit various locations to observe different design processes, techniques, and methods used in Germany. Students will also learn about the history of Germany, its government, the culture and social norms of Germans, preservation techniques, restoration efforts, and construction practices in Germany.
Contact: Roberto Rengel (

Department of Landscape Architecture

The Department of Landscape Architecture is pleased to offer rotating opportunities for student participation in European study abroad programs through peer programs and institutions, such as in North Ireland, Cortona (Italy), Croatia, and Barcelona. For more information about available programs, please contact Kevin Thompson, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, at

Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Urban Planning and Design in China

Similar to the Architecture East Asia Program, a DCP faculty member will lead a group of UF students to China to examine various planning issues in major cities in China.
Contact: Zhong-Ren Peng (

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