In accordance with guidance issuedby the State University System, the University of Florida, and in response to the COVID-19 situation, the University of Florida has cancelled all face to face events/trainings through the end of Summer A, and Summer C term. Due to this policy, the Design Exploration Program is unable to happen as an in person program. 

The primary initiative of the University of Florida’s School of Architecture (SoA) Design Exploration Program is to offer both valuable insight and first-hand experience to prospective architecture design students. The program aims to immerse participants in an architectural educational environment that introduces students to core aspects of the university’s design curriculum as well as to essential architectural principles in general. A greater understanding of both the architectural curriculum and environment at the University of Florida is achieved through the construction of studio design projects which equips students with hands-on experience with the design process, program activities which serve to foster a sense of community and enhance teamwork among participants, and field trips which aim to broaden the scope of architectural theories, methods, and principles discussed during the program.

Download the Design Exploration Program Brochure

Design Studio
An intensive design studio directed by UF SoA faculty is the heart of the DEP experience. A low instructor / student ratio ensures personal attention. In studio, participants develop projects involving various phases of architectural design development and presentation. Basic design exercises such as drawing, model building and investigations of architectural concepts and constructions compliment the studio projects.

Seminars covering various aspects of design and building also form an important part of the program. Formatted as lectures and group discussions, they are led by guest professors in the morning and evening hours. Varied issues such as design processes and methods, architectural history and theory, model making techniques, use of photography as a medium
of architectural documentation and the role of computer / digital technology in contemporary architectural practices are presented.

Field Trips
Field trips provide participants with exposure to important works of architecture from Florida’s past and present. Through on-site visits to architectural offices, buildings under construction and architecturally significant sites, participants learn about design, building and the architectural profession.

Apart from the intensive studio environment, social activities are arranged for students to relax, have a little fun and get to know one another.

Residence Hall
DEP participants live in the dormitory suites conveniently located near the College of Design, Construction and Planning (DCP) on the UF campus. Accommodations have kitchen facilities that are supplied with utensils, semi-private bedrooms and baths, coin operated laundry facilities, student lounges and recreation areas where participants can relax and socialize during free time. In-house counselors provide round the clock supervision.

Food and Such
Meals and miscellaneous expenses are not included in the program cost. Students should allocate approximately $30 to $50 a week if they intend to prepare their own meals. Transportation will be provided to local supermarkets, or participants may bring food from home. There are also a variety of affordable restaurants within walking distance. Participants are responsible for their own laundry and coin-operated facilities are conveniently located in the residence hall.

Program Fees
The $2200 program fee for the UF SoA Design Exploration Program covers the program’s three weeks of instruction, studio supplies and materials, on-campus housing, and all travel expenses.

Financial Aid
Scholarships for participants in need of financial aid are available on a limited basis. Those with a genuine need for financial aid must include a separate letter in their application packets explaining their request and indicating how much of the fee they can afford to pay. UF SoA Summer Design Exploration Program faculty will evaluate applicants requesting financial aid to determine if a scholarship will be offered. Financial aid decisions will be determined on the basis of the overall strength of the materials in the individual’s application packet.

Program dates are June 14, 2020 – July 3, 2020. In order to apply, please register for the program at:

2020 School of Architecture Summer Design Exploration Program Brochure
2020 School of Architecture Summer Design Exploration Program Application

The following components are to be submitted as part of your application:

  • Completed UF SoA Summer Design Exploration Program 2017 Application
  • Current copy of your academic transcript from your school
  • Personal statement [one or two pages in length] describing how creative and intellectual
    interests will benefit from and contribute to participation in DEP

Send Materials To:
UF SoA Design Exploration Program UF School of Architecture
PO Box 115702
Gainesville, FL 32611-5702
Or email to:

Register on-line and pay application fee $25
For More Information, Contact:

Mary Kramer

Jason Alread

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1-800-955-8770 (voice) or 1-800-955-8771 (TDD).
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