UF School of Architecture CityLabs are off-campus programs that increase access to the UF School of Architecture graduate design education and are locations for interdisciplinary collaboration. They accomplish this through their urban locations, flexible degree tracks, year-round course offerings, industry marketable specializations, and strong connections to the professional community. CityLabs are centers of context-specific transformational design knowledge in each location. Each location provides students with an opportunity to study architecture and is accredited to offer the integrated path to architecture licensure (IPAL). The CityLabs offer two-degree programs, the Master of Architecture (M. Arch.), and the Master of Science in Architectural Studies (MSAS), as well as Graduate Certificates. The degree programs and Graduate Certificates provide students the opportunity to explore ideas about architecture, sustainability, and urban design within the urban context.

Why CityLab?

Multiple Locations
Flexible degree tracks
Year-round course offerings
Industry marketable specializations
Access to the integrated Path to Architectural Licensure (IPAL
Strong connections to the professional community
Nearly 100% of our grads are employed before graduation
Ability to work in the profession while in school




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