UF| JaxLab is a teaching and research facility focused on the social, ecological, and environmental issues related to resilience and the built environment. JaxLab offers two degrees, the professional Advanced Master of Architecture, and the non-professional Master of Science in Architectural Studies (MSAS). The programs benefit from Jacksonville’s unique urban context and combine teaching and training students with service to the broader community. JaxLab is uniquely positioned to serve as a regional think tank on resilient and sustainable cities, fostering local community partnerships and building a tangible knowledge base of best practices for the region’s network of cities.


UF| JaxLab’s mission is to increase access to University of Florida School of Architecture graduate design education, provide a location for interdisciplinary collaboration, and develop strong connections to the professional community.

UF| JaxLab is a teaching and research facility focused on architecture, resilient design, and the built environment, combining educating and training students with service to the broader community. 

UF| JaxLab’s  educational mission is to prepare graduates to engage contemporary challenges at the intersection of natural and constructed environments, using Jacksonville’s unique context as a learning laboratory.


Sustainability, Regenerative Design, and the Built Environment
Creation of new knowledge focused on the positive impact that architecture and urban design has on the built environment, natural systems, and society, by emphasizing advanced building technologies, regenerative design practices, sustainable development, and public policy.

Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure (IPAL) 
Students complete both the Architectural Experience Program (AXP) and the Architectural Registration Exam (ARE) simultaneously with their degree program.

Historic Preservation
Heritage JaxLab recognizes the dynamic and multifaceted nature of historic preservation and helps prepare the next generation of change agents.


Engage design excellence at the intersection of the natural and constructed environments.
Educate future Architects to be leaders in the profession and their communities.
Serve as a regional think tank on resilient and sustainable cities.
Foster local community partnerships and collaborative opportunities.


The JaxLab program was established by request from a cross-section of Jacksonville’s downtown professional communities. At subsequent gatherings, Architecture, Urban Design, and Interior Design professions voiced their support for establishing JaxLab. The local AIA (American Institute of Architects) invited us to their chapter meeting and expressed their desire for a professional degree program of architecture in Jacksonville, home to approximately 180 established architectural firms practicing locally, nationally, and internationally. The city is currently undergoing revitalization, especially in the urban core and riverfront areas. JaxLab is uniquely positioned to foster local community partnerships, with an educational mission to develop subject area capacity among citizens and produce future architects and designers with expertise in resilient built environments.


JaxLab graduates improve their community by showing excellence in design, ethical decision-making, regenerative practices, and professional ability.


25 N Market St
Suite 100A
Jacksonville, FL 32202

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