Florida Institute for Built Environment Resilience The University of Florida’s College of Design, Construction and Planning

FIBER’s Mission
We seek to advance knowledge of resilience, empowering people to thrive in a complex and changing world. FIBER is committed to the design, planning, construction and management of resilient built environments, with strong interests in the well-being of the people and communities who inhabit them.

FIBER’s Value to UF
Core FIBER faculty are individually affiliated with various disciplines within the College of Design, Construction and Planning (DCP), a college uniquely equipped to develop resilience-based processes in a world facing complex threats. DCP houses all critical disciplines that have an impact on the planning, design, construction, and sustainability of built and natural environments. More broadly, resilience expertise at the University of Florida spans ecological, economic, organizational, psychological, educational, sociological and engineering approaches. FIBER is a meeting point to synergize this knowledge, at the intersection of research, practice and lived experience. FIBER brings the UF community together around shared values and visions of resilience towards the common good.

The Vision of FIBER
To function as a critical knowledge hub for resilience research and practice, working alongside communities, organizations and institutions to build multi-scale strength and well-being.