Helping communities across Florida develop the capacity to be more prepared for and more resilient to increased risk.

FRC seeks to bridge community needs with design research by faculty and students within the College of Design, Construction and Planning, and departments across the University of Florida.

For many Florida cities, climate change is not leading to sudden catastrophe but to an accumulation of smaller events such as nuisance flooding, housing shortages and water quality issues that cumulatively are creating large impacts. Such chronic concerns place a demand on municipal officials to act effectively in the short term, pushing long-term resilience off for another day. In the face of worsening climate conditions, the pressing needs of today can overshadow future needs, especially for municipalities without sufficient numbers of staff or for non-governmental organizations leading resilience efforts.

FRC provides unparalleled access to a broad range of University of Florida faculty, staff, students, and resources. In addition to the specific research needs that UF faculty can fill, FRC provides project scoping, coordination, project management, access to data, and eventual publication of findings. The program offers a design approach to community-scale adaptation and encourages cities to view climate change solutions as opportunities to invest in redevelopment and adaptive transformation.


FRC Research Midpoint Updates

FRC Research Midpoint Updates On March 16, the Principal Investigators of six research projects and courses reported on their midpoint progress. Cultural Resource Survey of…
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2020 Field Course: Port St. Joe

One of the research courses funded for the Spring is the Florida Climate Institute’s Field Course, an interdisciplinary, team-taught class that introduces students from departments…
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Grant Kick-off Meeting in Port St. Joe

Through a generous grant from the Jessie Ball DuPont Fund, the Florida Resilient Cities (FRC) program has funded six multi-disciplinary courses and research projects. These…
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