Reducing Risk, Achieving Resilience

GatorCorps is the new Florida Institute for Built Environment Resilience’s AmeriCorps program. Our program deploys its members to towns and cities within the Florida Resilient Cities program to enhance local disaster risk reduction efforts, promote climate change adaptation and work with partners towards resilient communities.




Delivering resilience and risk reduction programs to children and adults


Providing training and resilience tools and techniques to community leaders


Contributing to capacity building within host organizations


GatorCorps Members will be deployed for national service to Jacksonville, Gainesville or Cedar Key, cities that have a working relationship with the Florida Institute for Built Environment Resilience through the Florida Resilient Cities Program. During the period of service, key activities will focus on a) delivering educational programs to both children and adults related to resilience and risk reduction, b) delivering training and resilience tools and techniques to community leaders and c) contributing to capacity building within the host organization.

Members will receive a living allowance (e.g. $833.92 bi-weekly for full-time member), access to health coverage, a suite of professional training and development opportunities, childcare assistance if eligible, and an education award (e.g. $6,895 for full-time member) upon successful completion of service. GatorCorps members will serve a minimum of 300 hours during the service year (before July 31st), with the maximum being 1700 hours (full-time), and for up to four terms. Whether you are ready to serve full-time, or you are a student able to commit 10+ hours a week, talk to us today to see if GatorCorps is right for you! You must be a U.S. citizen, national or permanent resident to qualify for national service.

Each GatorCorps cohort starts in August each year (apply by May 1st). We will accept applications on a rolling basis and fill open positions during the year. Your service will start with orientation and training at Headquarters.

Application still open! We will consider candidates on a rolling basis until positions filled.



At the headquarters of the Florida Institute for Built Environment Resilience (FIBER)


In collaboration with The Center for Children’s Rights

Cedar Key

In collaboration with Nature Coast Biological Station


Jason von Meding

Jason is a social scientist investigating narratives of disaster, including injustice and inequality but also solidarity and hope.


Carla Brisotto

Carla Brisotto is an architect (Italy) and urban theorist. Her research focuses on productive landscapes and climate change asymmetric impacts on population and their environment. She employs participatory design methodologies and placemaking.

Jeff Carney

Jeff is an architect and urban designer working at the scale of housing and neighborhoods as an interface between urbanism, infrastructure, and ecosystem.

Benjamin Blacher

A fall SBE Graduate performing service full time in Cedar Key focusing on disaster resiliance and community outreach. I enjoy throwing balls around and lounging at the beach. I was looking for an AmeriCorps program where I could make a local impact. Being among the first cohort of GatorCorps volunteers it’s exciting to help outline a path for future success. 

Tatiana Delaleu

Hello, my name is Tatiana Delaleu and I am a University of Florida alumni. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Microbiology & Cell Science. In my free time I enjoy taking walks and meditating. I currently serve at the FIBER location in Gainesville, FL with the GatorCorps/Americorps. For a couple of years, I was looking for an Americorps location where I could join and make an impact. Fortunately, I was presented with the opportunity to be a part of GatorCorps first cohort and be able to contribute to my local community by learning more about resiliency and disaster risk management.

Melissa Viera

I’m an SBE major at UF and am proudly doing serving for our community with GatorCorp. I enjoy making things and my recent project was a carpentry project. I serve the greater Gainesville Florida area with FIBER. I hope to assist community leaders in making informed choices regarding our environment.  

Nicole de Venoge

My name is Nicole de Venoge. I’m a former state environmental policy manager and teacher. Post-pandemic and post hurricanes Ian and Nicole, I wanted to do more to serve my community and increase coastal resiliency. I’m particularly interested in living shorelines and nature based solutions in the field especially those areas impacted by sea level rise and hurricane damage. I’m also interested in smart urban planning and development, community revitalization, water quality, and global sustainability projects.

Sarah Green

Hi! I’m Sarah Green and I am an SBE major at the University of Florida serving at the FIBER location in Gainesville. In my spare time, I enjoy being outside or making music. I joined GatorCorps to understand how to best integrate change into communities and explore resilency on the individual level by working with students. With time, I hope to build my awarness, connections, and disaster relief skills. 

Ashley Jean-Bart

Gabriel Matos

Hello! I am Gabriel Matos and I am a fourth-year student of Sustainability and the Built Environment (SBE) at UF. I am interested in issues of sustainability in the built environment. GatorCorps is an unpassable opportunity to broaden my understanding on these issues through first hand experience. Furthermore, my work will allow me to see the ways in which members of the community try to and generate change within their communities. In my free time, I enjoy photography and watching movies. 

Chloe Miko

Hi I’m Chloe and I am an SBE major. I joined GatorCorps to help make a better impact on the community and spread knowledge of sustainability and resilience.

Michal Pineda

Hey everyone! My name is Michal Pineda and I am a senior at the University of Florida. My degree is Sustainability & The Built Environment with a Minor in Urban & Regional Planning. I like to cook with friends and family and play different sports such as basketball, pickleball, volleyball, etc. I serve at FIBER in Gainesville. I joined GatorCorps because I aspire to educate the community about resilience and contribute to environmental improvement. My goal is to further enhance my knowledge and skills in sustainability within the built environment. 

Christina Roberts

Hello! My name is Christina Roberts and I started UF masters program for Urban and Regional Planning as well as Warrignton College of Business Masters in Real Estate program this Fall. Before starting my masters, I studied Sustainability and the Built Environment as well as Landscape Architecture and urban and regional planning. On my down time, I like to paint and read books. I serve in Gainesville at UF FIBER. I chose to join Americorps UF program, GatorCorps, because I wanted to get more involved in my comunity as well as increase my knowledge on resiliency and disaster response.

Isabela Silva

Hello! My Name is Isabela and currently I study Sustainable Design at the University of Florida. I have a background in Biology and am aiming to illuminate the ecological connections in the built world. I joined Gatorcorps to help spread community awareness through education and service. On my free time, i like to do yoga and cook nutritious meals! 

Masha Shahsavar Haghighi

Hello, I’m Mahsa! I studied Architecture in Iran. Two years ago, I emigrated to the US with my husband. I’m delighted to be a part of GatorCorps, where I contribute to building a resilient community through education and service. This marks my first experience working in the US. In my free time, I enjoy practicing yoga and have a passion for traveling.

Nicholas Slunaker

Hi, my name is Nicholas Slunaker and I’m a Senior at the University of Florida. I’m majoring in Psychology with a minor in innovation. After a graduate I plan to pursue a degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. The hobby I enjoy most is playing basketball. I serve as a gatorcorps member at the Fiber location. I joined gatorcorps to make a difference and develop professionally. Additionally, gatorcorps mission really inspired me to join. Ultimately, it is my goal to effectively promote climate change and promote more resilent communites. 

Stacie Wilson

Maggie Jacobson

Hi! My name is Maggie Jacobson. I graduated from UF last spring with a degree in wildlife ecology and conservation and a minor in secondary science education. In my free time, I like to cosplay and play Dungeons and Dragons. I serve at FIBER in Gainesville. I joined GatorCorps to continue developing my skills in education and gain experience teaching all members of the community. I am excited to learn more about resilience while serving.

Tulay Yilmaz Tepe

Hello! My name is Tulay Yilmaz Tepe. I am a geophysics engineer with a master’s degree in Seismology. I worked for almost eight years in a municipality as a geophysics engineer in Istanbul, Turkey before moving to Gainsville, Florida. I like to do various sports like basketball, yoga, and pilates. The GatorCorps initiative will be crucial in preparing vulnerable communities and increasing their resilience through education and training. I joined to this project to bring my experiences and serve this cause in various capacities.


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