FIBER Faculty

Dave Hulse

FIBER Director

Dave is a landscape architect and environmental designer who uses spatial decision support systems to evaluate alternative land and water use futures.

Jeffrey Carney

Associate Professor
FIBER Associate Director

Jeff is an architect and urban designer working at the scale of housing and neighborhoods as an interface between urbanism, infrastructure, and ecosystem.

Tim Murtha

Associate Professor

Tim is an anthropologist, landscape archaeologist and design educator that studies the dynamics of settlement and land use.

Ryan Sharston

Assistant Professor

Ryan is an architect and a civil and environmental engineer focusing on high performance buildings and the health and well-being of occupants.

Jason Von Meding

Associate Professor

Jason is a social scientist investigating narratives of disaster, including injustice and inequality but also solidarity and hope.

Yan Wang

Assistant Professor

Yan is a civil engineer who studies geographical and semantic urban-scale data to track spatiotemporal dynamics of human-spatial systems.

Lisa Platt

Assistant Professor

Lisa is an Engineering Psychologist and Interior Designer using Systems Science to study operations in health and continuing care settings.

Madeline Brown

Postdoctoral Associate

Maddie is an ecological anthropologist whose work focuses on resource governance and landscape-level conservation in both China and North America.

clearylarkin scaled

Cleary Larkin

Postdoctoral Associate

Cleary is an architect and planner who studies historic land-use decisions as a source of challenges in contemporary built environments and incentive for developing long-term community resilience.


Carla Brisotto

Postdoctoral Associate

Carla Brisotto is an architect (Italy) and researcher working on agrarian urbanism and food security. She employs micro-historical methodologies and collaborative design techniques.

Whitaker Schroder

Postdoctoral Associate

Whit is an anthropological archaeologist interested in how sociopolitical change is manifested on the landscape, using methodologies including remote sensing and household archaeology with a current regional focus in the Maya lowlands of southern Mesoamerica.

FIBER Administrative Staff

Keila Silva

Research Administrator

Keila leverages her knowledge of administrative processes and procedures to guide and facilitate FIBER research endeavors.

FIBER Students

Fang Yao, Urban and Regional Planning,

Haiyan Hao, Urban and Regional Planning,

Shangde Gao, Urban and Regional Planning,

Manan Singh, Rinker School of Building Construction,

Hamidreza Esmaeillou, Architecture,

Luwei Wang, Landscape Architecture,

Nathania Martinez, Landscape Architecture,

Amer Hamad Abukhalaf, Rinker School of Building Construction,

Collin Bowie, Rinker School of Building Construction,

Kristen DeMarco, Architecture,

Eliza Breder, Architecture,

Steven Ramirez, Architecture,

Shaher Hmoud, Architecture,

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