Chaofeng Wang

M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management
Assistant Professor

Dr. Wang is specialized in computational mechanics, uncertainty and risk quantification, AI, and their applications in the natural and built environment. He joined the Rinker School as an Assistant Professor of Artificial Intelligence. Before that, he earned degrees in Engineering Mechanics and Civil Engineering from Central South University and Clemson University and worked as a postdoctoral scholar at University of California, Berkeley.


He has broad interests in the intelligent automation of design, construction and management of the next generation infrastructure system. He also develops cyberinfrastructure that leverages stochastic physics-based simulation, AI and data mining techniques for multi-scale modeling of the built and natural environment under chronic and acute stressors, which leads to informed decision-makings. Particularly, his focal areas include foundational issues in AI, data, and material sciences, such as: mechanism of neural networks, uncertainty quantification and dimension reduction of data and models, explainability and interpretability of algorithms and inferences, constitutive modeling and design of future construction materials.

Publications: Google Scholar


DCP 4300 – AI in Built Environment – Spring/2022/2023

DCP 5905/6905 – Advanced AI Systems – Fall/2022

Students: Strongly motivated students are always invited to join my research group. Please email me ( /at/ your CV and a concise cover letter expressing your interests. Collaborations from the academia and industry are welcome.

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