The Way Resilience Looks

Port St. Joe has experienced renewed life since Hurricane Michael struck its coast and town in 2018. Since then, new residents have moved in, repairs and remodeling have addressed the hurricane damage, and the tourism industry has flourished. Additionally, the pursuit of grants to address environmental challenges in North Port St. Joe, flooding mitigation, nature-based solutions, and urban vulnerability assessment throughout the town has produced an unprecedented surge in collaborations and research, aiming for a more resilient Port St. Joe.

 ‘The Way Resilience Looks’ is a two-year project funded by the Jessie Ball du Pont Foundation. This initiative that aims to create and install three interventions within the urban fabric of Port St. Joe to demonstrate how resilience can be achieved. We will engage with locals to bring these interventions to life engaging them in a process of understanding. Our goal is to show how data-driven strategies can lead to resilience, showcasing a paradigm wherein community members are not mere observers but active participants in shaping their environment. Our mission is threefold: to educate the community about grant initiatives occurring in Port St. Joe, empower residents to actively reimagine their spaces, and elucidate effective climate mitigation strategies.

Ultimately, we wish to bridge the gap between theory and practice and to interpret the impact and potential of data-driven urban design interventions. This page will record and report the progress of the project for everyone to see.

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