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There are opportunities for qualified graduate students to assist faculty with teaching and research on main campus as well as at our CityLab locations. There are positions in three different categories. On main campus students may apply for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) and Graduate Research Assistants (GRA). At our CityLab locations, fellowships are available to support faculty teaching and research. Assistantships and fellowships vary in length from one semester to four semesters, depending on need and student qualifications. GTA’s, GRA’s, and Fellowships include a stipend plus a tuition waiver of up to 9 credit hours per semester.

Opportunities on Main Campus
Over one-third of Main Campus graduate students are offered graduate teaching or graduate research assistantships. GTA’s have the opportunity to assist with the full range of courses offered in the School and GRA’s assist with faculty research and are selected by the faculty researchers. Both GTA’s and GRA’s also help with the SoA’s lecture series, gallery exhibitions, media lab supervision, and other School activities.

Opportunities at our CityLabs
CityLabs only offer graduate programs, so opportunities for fellowships are limited. Fellowships involve assisting with studio instruction, providing faculty support, running workshops and labs, and assisting with the digital infrastructure. In most cases, fellowships are awarded after one semester of residence.

If you are interested in being considered for an assistantship or fellowship, you should mark the appropriate space on your graduate application and also note your interest in your letter of intent, included as part of your application.

During the admissions process, the Graduate Admissions Committee will typically identify students who are offered graduate assistantships and fellowships as a part of their offers of admission. Students may be offered one or more semesters of an assistantship or fellowship, depending on the merits of their application. In the review of applications, students with prior teaching experience (as undergraduate teaching assistants at UF, as graduate teaching assistants elsewhere, or as faculty at other institutions) are preferred for teaching assistantships.

For studio GTA positions, design work included in the applicant’s portfolio is a primary consideration. For other (non-studio) GTA appointments, we look at your grade in the class (when you completed it as an undergraduate student), relevant experience (especially if you have worked in practice or conducted specialized research), and the overall strength of your application.

In addition to Assistantships and Fellowships awarded during admissions, we occasionally have other positions that become available. Students interested in these work opportunities should contact the SOA Office Manager and Associate Director of Graduate Programs Bradley Walters. Interested students are asked to indicate those areas of the curriculum in which they are the most competent.

Because individual faculty members often conduct funded research, students are also advised to contact individual faculty members to inquire about opportunities for funded research appointments.

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