The Architecture Building, located on the main campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, serves as the administrative home for the University of Florida. Our facilities in the Architecture Building include dedicated studios, classrooms, computer laboratories, fabrication spaces, administrative offices, and a gallery space for the presentation of work and exhibits. The Architecture Building is also home to the College of Design, Construction, and Planning. There are studios and offices for programs in Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Historic Preservation, and Urban and Regional Planning. The open-air atrium and adjacent lawn are the social and cultural heart of the school.

In addition to the Architecture Building, the adjacent Fine Arts Complex houses a number of facilities used by the School of Architecture. The Fine Arts Complex includes the Architecture and Fine Arts Library, studios, faculty offices, a spray booth, woodshop, and ceramics laboratory. It also houses numerous art studios and fabrication facilities as well as exhibition and lecture halls. Rinker Hall houses the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management. The building includes classrooms, administrative offices, a BIM laboratory, and numerous materials laboratories used for research and instruction.

Within a short walk of the School of Architecture is Infinity Hall, home to the School’s Digital Fabrication Lab. Resources in the Digital Fabrication Lab include laser cutters, 3D printers, a waterjet cutter, CNC mill, and fabrication spaces. Information about the DCP Fabrication Lab is available here:

The Catalyst Building, located in downtown Gainesville, Florida, houses the Florida Institute for Built Environment Resilence (FIBER). Additional information about FIBER is available here:

A detailed map of the entire campus in Gainesville, Florida is available here:

In addition to our facilities on the main campus of the University of Florida, the School of Architecture has facilities in Orlando and Sarasota, Florida, as well as Vicenza, Italy.

Located in downtown Orlando, Florida, CityLab-Orlando is an off-campus program of the Graduate School of Architecture offering the Master of Architecture (M.Arch) and Master of Science in Architectural Studies (MSAS) degrees. CityLab-Orlando students a unique opportunity to study architecture, urban theory, and individual research in the city of Orlando. The CityLab-Orlando program follows the same curriculum as on main campus but focuses on the exploration of architectural ideas within the context of the city, engaging the City of Orlando as a learning laboratory. Information about CityLab-Orlando is available here:

The School of Architecture also has facilities located in Sarasota, Florida. The McCulloch Pavilion houses design studios, classrooms, a gallery, and digital fabrication equipment. It also serves as a base of operations for our CityLab Sarasota program. Information about that program is available here:

As one of the longest-running study abroad programs at the University of Florida, the School of Architecture’s Vicenza Institute of Architecture (VIA) is based in Vicenza, Italy. Vicenza is a major center of the Veneto, the mainland region around the urban archipelago of Venice. The School’s facilities include dedicated design studio spaces, a multi-purpose gallery and library used for classroom instruction and exhibitions, facilities for digital scanning and printing, and administrative offices. The School has a number of apartments for faculty and students, all located within the urban core of Vicenza. Detailed information about the VIA program is available here:

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