Sustainability & the Built Environment

Find Purpose in Facilitating Prosperity for People & Planet

Sustainability and the Built Environment (SBE) is one of the newest and fastest growing academic programs within the University of Florida College of Design, Construction, and Planning (DCP). Together, we are building bridges to better human habits and habitats.

Upon hindsight, we honor our past heritage. With insight, we elevate the solutions hidden in the present problems. Through foresight, we foster adaptive capacity for the uncertain changes and challenges emerging from a future embedded in the seeds we plant today.

Our unique interdisciplinary approach branches the broad principles and practices from the DCP professions in a more generalist framework. We perceive and progress through the four dimensional lens of ecological (planet), cultural (purpose), social (people), and economical (prosperity) livelihoods. In learning, SBE students leverage the applied sustainability and resilience science, alongside the collective change frameworks, established or enhanced by institutional innovators and leaders, including (though not limited to) the following:

SBE empowers students to nurture nature’s regenerative economy and protect our planetary safe operating space (SOS). We act on behalf of our collective humanity and all of the other life forms with whom we have co-evolved. In other words…

To make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.

– R. Buckminster Fuller via BFI

Our web presence answers common questions and sheds light on the why, who, what, where, when, and how that animate our story and lay a pathway for your journey as a change agent. We welcome all weavers as we seek the wisdom and strength to walk through the bottleneck of the Anthropocene to a flourishing place on the other side.

Find purpose in facilitating prosperity for people and planet. SBE the change…

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Regardless of where you set forth, socialize, or study around campus, remember to keep yourself and fellow Gators safe. Thanks for helping to get our campus and community back in business.

Our Story

SBE Purposeful

Learn why SBE here and now as you explore our purpose and program parameters.

SBE Collective

Follow who makes SBE move as you meet our faculty, staff, students, and collaborators.

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SBE Empowered

Explore what SBE offers learners at many levels through empowered educational opportunities across various life stages.

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Determine where to next as you realize your best self through active engagement on campus and within our community.

SBE Connected

Connect with our people and partners as you learn how to participate in, donate to, and collaborate with our program as we celebrate mutual success. Our most ambitious connections take place in our Green Building Learning Collaborative (GBLC).

News, Events, & Insights

When Sustainability and the Built Environment (SBE) happens, we are there for the progress. Explore our present and past posts to follow program news, track events, and glean insights on the path to a better tomorrow, together.

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