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UF Study Abroad

The University of Florida International Center (UFIC) hosts the UF Abroad program, providing in depth information about the unique learning opportunities available to students desiring a global educational environment. To learn more about all of the study abroad programs available through the university, and to set forth on your own journey, please visit the links below.

DCP Study Abroad

Within the UF Abroad program, the College of Design, Construction, and Planning (DCP) offers several professionally tailored opportunities for our students. To learn more about DCP Global and our study abroad programs, destinations, and sister campuses, please visit the links below.

Common Study Abroad Programs of Interest to SBE Students

The SBE Program strongly encourages students to participate in an immersive, international, field-based learning experience as a vital part of their UF educational journey. While the programs listed below are closely affiliated with sustainability, and often among the most selected by SBE majors and minors, students are free to explore other DCP Global and UF Study Abroad opportunities as listed through the International Center. SBE students can propose to use international coursework towards their degree as long as it meets the criteria of the curriculum. Students are advised to meet with an SBE advisor as early as possible to facilitate course approval prior to registration in these or other similar programs.

Preservation Institute Nantucket (PIN)

“Officially established in 1972, Preservation Institute Nantucket (PIN) is one of the nation’s oldest, continually operating field school for historic preservation. The program prepares the next generation of heritage specialists as part of applied research and learning that helps document, conserve and manage the island’s historical, architectural and cultural resources. Participants come from institutions across the country and abroad to explore heritage at three scales: urban and cultural landscape, architecture and interiors, and materials and technologies.”

Rinker Italian Journey (RIJ)

“Students can study [a history of sustainable construction] in Italy for three weeks over the summer semester.  The courses are taught in English.  The student will learn how sustainability has been addressed in construction through history along with how building preservation impacts the building life cycle. The lessons learned from Roman engineering and technology application can be transferred to most international design and construction trades to enhance productivity and building resilience. The methods used to extend the facility’s usage and keep in compliance with updated codes is of great importance as more than 72% of the world’s built environment is more than 20 years old.”

Society, Environment, Transportation, & Space (SETS)

“The Summer School ‘Society, Environment, Transportation and Space (SETS): The Dutch Experience’ of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences of the University of Groningen [in the Netherlands] is a combination of interesting lectures and many excursions and site visits. You will learn about Dutch spatial-economic problems and the implemented planning policies. Two typically Dutch core themes are highlighted in the course: ‘Water management’ and ‘compact city policy’.”

International Scholars Program (ISP)

“The International Scholars Program (ISP) is an exciting campus-wide opportunity available to all degree-seeking undergraduate students. It represents an avenue to structure your global learning experience through the completion of international coursework, international experience, language learning and co-curricular activities. Define your international learning inside and outside the classroom! Join the UF International Scholars Program!”

Peace Corps Prep Program (PC Prep)

“The University of Florida and Peace Corps are offering a new opportunity to enhance your global learning experience! The Peace Corps Prep program will prepare students for international development fieldwork and potential Peace Corps service by building competencies through international coursework, hands-on experience, and professional development support. Beyond having a global perspective, language skills, and professional development, Peace Corps is looking for applicants that have technical skills to offer. Students must be enrolled in the International Scholars Program to co-enroll in PC Prep. PC Prep requires the addition of three sector-specfic classes and 50 hours of hands-on experience in that sector.”

Learn More About UF Abroad & Student Experiences

The University of Florida offers an internationally rich life learning experience, both on campus and abroad. With regards to on campus international students studying at UF, we rank in the top 25 nationally, the highest of any Florida institution of higher education. Across the several thousand international students from approximately 140 countries, the five most represented are China, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil.

When it comes to domestic students hoping to immerse themselves in another country and culture, UF offers “hundreds of programs to study, research, intern, and participate in service learning abroad.” In recent years, over two thousand UF students have chosen to study abroad, ranking us in the top 15 nationally. SBE students have been among these global jet setters. We encourage you to learn more and see if the UF Abroad program and DCP Global may be a good fit for your educational hopes and dreams.

Professional & Continuing Education

Sustainability and the Built Environment (SBE) program’s mission is to educate and arm the graduates with the tools and skills needed to combat climate change and to improve the social and economic well-being of the planet and the human race. In the professional world improving your skills and learning new tools is a must to advance your knowledge and maximize your contribution to the industry. We believe that continuing education is a necessity to be up to date with the latest cutting-edge technologies and tools that will empower you and give you the knowledge and technical skill to thrive.

CEUs from BuildingGreen Suite

SBE, in partnership with the University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries, provides free “premium” access to the BuildingGreen, Inc., a Certified B-Corporation that “helps architects, designers, and other sustainability professionals make their projects greener and healthier.” Since 1985, BuildingGreen has been a leading, trusted source for professionals dedicated to sustainability and the built environment. Within DCP 3210, a core course in the SBE Major, our students have opportunities to complete and earn the same continuing education unit (CEU) certificates pursued by credentialed professionals through the AIA, GBCI, and ILFI.

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