New & Transfer SBE Students

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Students interested in the SBE Major or Minor are encouraged to visit the DCP Advising Center located on the 3rd floor of the Architecture Building in room 331 ARCH. Matriculation into the SBE program is managed by Pat Dejong, Director Academic Advising for the college. Students may also see Bahar Armaghani, SBE Program Director. Additional contact information for the SBE team can be found here.

Gator Design & Construction @ Santa Fe (GDC@SF)

GDC@SF Overview

“The GDC@SF pathway is an innovative collection of collegiate degree options. This program allows a cohort of students to begin their coursework at Santa Fe College and gain early admission to UF.”

GDC@SF Context

“SF maintains special partnership program with the University of Florida that enables engineering majors to transition more quickly to UF’s College of Design, Construction and Planning. In order to be admitted into these programs, students must apply to UF as freshmen by November 1.  UF will select the pool of applicants who will be invited to participate in the Gator Design and Construction program. Once admitted into this special partnership program, students will enroll at SF and begin taking critical tracking courses. Students who successfully pass these courses will be guaranteed admission into their desired design or construction major at UF.”

Existing SBE Students

Level Up Your Leadership

Professional Development

UF Career Connections Center (C3)

C3 Overview

“The University of Florida’s Career Connections Center (C3) is a centralized, comprehensive unit serving more than 54,000 students and alumni. The Career Connections Center provides a diverse range of services including helping connect job seekers with employers and offering students individualized career education and guidance to enrich their collegiate experience and prepare them for life after graduation.”

C3 Mission

The Career Connections Center mission is “to educate and create connections for the University of Florida community in order to facilitate the holistic career development of students.”

Search & Post Jobs or Internships

Official DCP Job Boards

Affiliated UF Job Boards

The SBE Job Portal is a service of the Green Works Hub, developed and deployed by Paul Shahriari, Founder of Green Mind, Inc. The SBE Job Portal is overseen by Board Members of the Green Building Learning Collaborative (GBLC). While the SBE Job Portal is not an officially sanctioned UF service, it was created specifically to serve students in SBE and related DCP disciplines.

Solicit Mentorships

Curated opportunities and resources will be added as they arise. In the meantime, feel free to inquire with our faculty and staff.

Pursue Internships

SBE students have interned with a variety of local, state, and national organizations in pursuit of career development and personal growth on their path toward graduation. The SBE faculty, advisors, and industry collaborators are here to support students searching for experiential learning in series or parallel with their academic coursework.

A sampling of organizations where SBE students quenched their curiosity as interns include the following showcased below. We encourage students searching for internships to speak with SBE faculty and advising staff about timely opportunities.

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