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Top Three Reasons to Support SBE


Be part of the nation’s premier program in sustainability and the built environment

Since its inception in 2008, SBE has grown to among the three most popular majors in UF’s College of Design, Construction and Planning. Two specializations are offered, one focuses on interdisciplinary skills and collaboration, the other on Geodesign.


Enjoy marketing and networking opportunities

Sponsors are acknowledged through branding at events, on our college website, through social media, and newsletter features read by over 6,500 alumni and friends.


Demonstrate your belief in a more sustainable future

Membership supports our groundbreaking approach to teaching emerging professionals skills they will use to design, build, and operate a greener planet. Your support helps us create a healthier & more equitable world.

Give to SBE

Name the SBE Program | Once

@ $5 Million | Endowed

Guarantee the long-term excellence of the Program in Sustainability and the Built Environment by ensuring that students, professors, and alumni have the resources to reach their full potential and positively impact the world.

Directorship | Once

@ $2 Million | Endowed | Generates ~ $80,000 Annually

Support leadership that will advance the entire program in the areas of leadership, technical competency and innovation.

Professorship | Once

@ $1 Million | Endowed | Generates ~ $40,000 Annually

Attract & retain world-class faculty who build on the program’s legacy of undergraduate teaching and research and training in leadership.

Scholarships | Once

@ $100,00 | Endowed | Generates ~ $4,000 Annually

Attract and retain exceptional doctoral students who combine studies in Sustainability & the Built Environment.

Student Trip Sponsor | Semesterly

@ $10,000 (Over 5 Years) | Spendable | Fall

@ $10,000 (Over 5 Years) | Spendable | Spring

@ $10,000 (Over 5 Years) | Spendable | Summer

Provide students with the opportunity to visit sustainable projects in the southeast as
part of their required coursework.

Special Events Sponsor | Semesterly

@ $5,000 | Spendable

Support our critical social and educational events.

  • Fall & Spring Orientations @ $1,000
  • End of Semester Awards Ceremony & Commencement Luncheon @ $2,000
  • Fall & Spring Industry Programs @ $1,000

Publication Sponsor | Annually

@ $5,000 | Spendable

Support the production and distribution of an annual report including examples of student
work and student profiles.

Student Credentialing Sponsor | Semesterly

@ $1,000 | Spendable | LEED GA Accreditation

Empower students to gain credentialing before graduation.

Give to GBLC

Corporate Membership | Annually

@ $2,500 | Spendable

Subsidize student field trip and conference travel, as well as special event and student credentialing.

Individual Membership | Annually

@ $500 | Spendable

Subsidize student field trip and conference travel, as well as special event and student credentialing.

Give to Geodesign

Studio Studies

@ $TBD | Spendable

Support our Geodesign specialization and students via studio course curricula, project infrastructure, and software tools.

International Geodesign Summit | Annually

@ $TBD | Spendable

Subsidize our Geodesign specialization and student field trip and summit travel.

Give to the Gator Good

Campus & Community Opportunities of Value

Beyond direct giving to SBE, Geodesign, or student studies at the GeoPlan Center, we encourage potential donors to explore these other annual campaigns across campus and within our community.

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