Geodesign Conferences & Networking

Esri Geodesign Summit

Each year Esri invites “thought leaders, innovators, and other visionaries to see firsthand how they are leveraging geodesign concepts and GIS technology to confront challenges head-on and plan for our future.”

SBE @ the Esri Geodesign Summit

In the Spring of 2018, two Sustainability and the Built Environment majors specializing in geodesign, escorted by a doctoral candidate, at the University of Florida College of Design, Construction, and Planning attended the Esri Geodesign Summit in Redlands, CA. Thanks Jamie Bufkin, Mateo Van Thienen, and Lei Lei Duan (left to right) for letting us share in your journey…from UF to the wider world…for the #GatorGood!

International Geodesign Collaboration (IGC)

“The International Geodesign Collaboration (IGC) was formed to explore scenario-driven designs for regional and local-scale study areas that address future global changes.”

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