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Teaching Faculty

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Bahar Armaghani

Director & Instructional Associate Professor
Sustainability & the Built Environment

352.294.1428 | ARCH 446

Courses taught include:

  • ARC 6913 Greening New Construction (Past)
  • DCP 3210 Sustainable Solutions for the Built Environment (Past)
  • DCP 4214 Green Building Strategies / LEED Lab (Fall &/or Spring)
  • DCP 4215 Sustainability Leadership (Past)
  • DCP 4216 WELL Building Strategies / WELL Lab (Fall &/or Spring)
  • DCP 4290 SBE Capstone (Fall, Spring, &/or Summer)

Hal S. Knowles, III

Instructional Assistant Professor
Sustainability & the Built Environment

352.294.6871 | ARCH 150

Courses taught include:

  • DCP 1241 Introduction to Spatial Thinking (Spring)
  • DCP 3200 Methods of Inquiry (Fall &/or Spring)
  • DCP 3210 Sustainable Solutions for the Built Environment (Spring &/or Summer)
  • DCP 3220 Social & Cultural SBE (Fall, Spring, &/or Summer)
  • DCP 4290 SBE Capstone (Fall, Spring, &/or Summer)
  • DCP 4930 Community Resilience (Fall)
  • DCP 4941 Interdisciplinary Practicum (Past)
  • DCP 4945 Geodesign Practicum (Past)
  • EVR 2001 Introduction to Environmental Science (Past)
  • URP 4000 Preview of Urban & Regional Planning (Past)

Emeritus Faculty

Peggy Carr

Professor Emeritus | 1989-2018
Department of Landscape Architecture

Founding Member & Director | 2008-2018
Sustainability & the Built Environment

Research interests include:

  • Regional conservation strategies
  • Greenway/corridor design
  • Land use planning at the urban interface
  • Land use planning and reserve design
  • Ecotourism
  • Recreational carrying capacity
  • Environmental policy

Affiliate Faculty

Faculty from across the College of Design, Construction and Planning (DC) are involved with varying aspects of sustainability and the built environment in their teaching, research, and/or service. Listed below are some of DCP’s most prominent contributors to our shared SBE mission.

DCP | Architecture

Vandana Baweja
Associate Professor

Ryan Sharston
Assistant Professor

DCP | M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management 

Abdol Chini
Associate Dean & Professor (Retired)

R. Raymond Issa
Distinguished Professor

Robert J. Ries
Associate Professor

Ravi Srinivasan
Associate Professor

DCP | GeoPlan Center

Crystal Goodison
Associate Director & Associate Scholar

Kate Norris
Geospatial Data Manager & Assistant Scholar

DCP | Interior Design

DCP | Landscape Architecture

Dan Manley
Interim Director & Lecturer

DCP | Urban and Regional Planning

Laura Dedenbach
Graduate Coordinator & Lecturer

Kathryn Frank
Associate Professor

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