What is Geodesign?

Geodesign is a process that entails geospatial analysis and engages stakeholders to analyze and change different scales of geographies. Students will simulate, examine and compare different design scenarios and their impacts on the sustainability of these geographies.

SBE Skillsets

Beyond the core curricula, SBE majors pursuing a Geodesign Specialization learn diverse spatial and temporal analytical and decision-support skills, such as the following:

  • Proficiency with geospatial mapping software
  • Python scripting
  • Data modeling
  • How spatial data influence decisions
  • Knowledge in data science

Geodesign Fields of Work

Geodesigners pursue jobs in a variety of professional fields, such as the following:

  • City Planning and Local Governments
  • Design Firms
  • Engineering Firms
  • Consulting and Corporations
  • Risk Mitigation and Planning
  • Community Development
During the Fall 2019 Geodesign Practicum (DCP 4945), SBE students explored the interface between Alachua County’s built environment, economic livelihoods, community health outcomes, and empowerment of individuals and institutions striving for social justice.

People Powered Projects

These skills are empowered through software and applied research projects affiliated with the Geo-Facilities Planning and Information Research Center, or GeoPlan Center. This prominent entrepreneurial Center, was established in 1984 as a response to local and statewide needs for a teaching and research environment in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The Center is affiliated with the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, in the University of Florida’s College of Design, Construction and Planning. Click the GeoPlan Center logo to learn about their current projects.

Learn More About Geodesign

Geodesign integrates technology and data science to make sustainable decisions for communities, corporations, and nonprofits. Coursework includes several hands-on experiences where students collaboratively build solutions and apply them in energy, natural systems, to improve livability, and business.

Opportunities for Geodesign Students at UF

Any UF student pursuing a BSSBE undergraduate degree may choose to specialize in Geodesign and enjoy extensive opportunities for academic growth and professional development. The links below provide additional details about the Geodesign Specialization and

Geodesign Alumni Testimonials

Learn more about the Geodesign experience from past student bios and ArcGIS Story Maps showcased on the alumni page, as well as from the short video vignettes below.

Sophia Palombo > Spring 2021

In this SBE Alumnus Testimonial, Sophia Palombo (Spring 2021 SBE Geodesign Specialization) explains how the SBE program helped her to develop skills in systems thinking, statistics, and interdisciplinary research while the geodesign curricula empowered her to model, analyze, and spatially visualize complex situations. Thanks Sophia!

Isabelle Thomas > Spring 2021

In this SBE Alumnus Testimonial, Isabelle Thomas (Spring 2021 SBE Geodesign Specialization) explains why she joined the SBE program to learn geodesign and how these spatial modeling and decision support skills empower her to address challenging issues of sustainability and the built environment. Thanks Isabelle!

David Wasserman > Spring 2013

In this SBE Alumnus Testimonial, David Wasserman (Spring 2013 SBE Geodesign Specialization) explains why he chose career training in geodesign and how the SBE program helps students to make interdisciplinary knowledge actionable. Thanks David!
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