Care Through Knowledge Sharing

Empower by Example

The SBE program welcomes informational support from public, private, and non-governmental organizations. We are especially interested in real world case studies and lessons learned in the field. By sharing your knowledge with our faculty, staff, and students, you will empower our educators and emerging sustainability leaders through your examples. Below are a sampling of potential informational support. We would also consider other novel ideas and insights.

Potential Information

  • Individual insights about sustainability & the built environment
  • Institutional insights about sustainability & the built environment
  • Multimedia case studies about green building & community resilience
  • Field trip destinations showcasing sustainability & community resilience
  • Studio course project ideas
  • Senior capstone project ideas
  • Professional leadership lessons learned and wisdom for emerging sustainability professionals

Potential Roles

  • Guest lecturer (on-campus, in-class)
  • Guest lecturer (online, via Zoom)
  • Field trip tour guide
  • Senior capstone project mentor
  • Facilitate professional networking with other key stakeholders

Volunteer Your Voice

SBE the Change You Wish to See in the World

If you’d like to share your story and insights, please complete our form so that we may learn more about who you are and how you envision volunteering your voice to improve our teaching and learning. We appreciate your support!

Support the #GatorGood

Beyond our SBE program, there are additional ways that the University of Florida strives to make positive and persistent changes in the more sustainable world we wish to co-create, together. Below are a few ways to get inspired and make a difference.

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