Historic Preservation Program UF College of Design, Construction and Planning


Transforming the world through 60 years of historic preservation education.

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Heritage must evolve in order to survive. Working with other disciplines and engaging stakeholders, historic preservation specialists manage change in the physical environment. The University of Florida recognizes the dynamic and multifaceted nature of the field of historic preservation and helps prepare the next generation of change agents. This mission is met through forward thinking, multidisciplinary coursework, applied learning and partnerships with experts, public agencies and private organizations across the United States and globally.

Three core focus areas inform the academics, research, and collaborations of the Historic Preservation Program:

Developing strategies for adapting or mitigating the loss of historic sites and places endangered by sea-level rise, conflict and other threats.

Exploring the diverse heritage resources of the 20th century and finding solutions for sustaining them.

Harnessing new and emerging technologies for managing, documenting, conserving and interpreting heritage.