Doctorate of Philosophy in Design, Construction and Planning with a Concentration in Historic Preservation

The College of Design, Construction and Planning Ph.D. is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to tailor a curriculum to their interests. The degree leads to academic and research positions and private sector jobs. Ph.D. students have the option of receiving a Concentration in Historic Preservation. If you are interested in applying to the Ph.D. in Historic Preservation, contact

Through our Ph.D. Program, we emphasize the need to develop knowledge that reaches beyond the scope of most professional practices of the built environment.

During the first three semesters of the Ph.D. program, an interdisciplinary core of courses is taught by DCP faculty members seeking to identify commonalities, diversity and trends in the theory, methods, history, and scientific traditions of research and teaching among the five areas of specialization. It is taught in recognition of the complexity of the built environment and the need for collaboration among the design, construction and planning disciplines.

The program requires students to accomplish the following:

  • propose and conduct research that adds knowledge needed to support the design and management of the built environment through the critical examination and consolidation of previous research findings;
  • explore research methods, theories, philosophies, as related to the built environment in order to identify and pursue major and minor areas of concentration related to a dissertation focus;
  • explore the physical, social and natural sciences related to the built environment in order to identify and pursue major and minor areas of concentration related to their dissertation;
  • develop an original dissertation topic and conduct research; disseminate knowledge through teaching, publications and selective collaborations with various professionals in related industries and government agencies.

Students study to understand and solve both regional and world problems through exploration, research and practice. Students come to DCP from across the globe. This diverse student population challenges us to expand the scope of academic study and research from Florida to beyond.

For the most up to date information on application deadlines, follow this link to the College of Design, Construction and Planning’s Ph.D. page.

Admission to our Ph.D. program is granted at both the college and school or department level.
Applications will be reviewed carefully for evidence of qualification for the Ph.D. program and applicants may be interviewed.

Application Deadlines:
If you wish to be considered for a fellowship award, you must submit a complete application, including an official GRE and TOEFL/IELTS test score (if applicable). Fellowship awards are only available to students applying for the Fall semester, and are very limited. If you are not applying for financial aid, you may continue to apply, as we offer rolling admissions.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • GRE Verbal: 140
  • GRE 150
  • TOEFL: 90
  • IELTS: 7.0

Please note, meeting the GRE minimum score requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.

Average Qualifications of 2019 Admits:

  • GRE Verbal- 151
  • GRE Quantitative- 163
  • GRE Combined Score – 313

To Apply

  1. Submit the University of Florida Online Application
  2. Applicants will be responsible for the non-refundable $30 application fee payable by credit card online at the time of application.
  3. Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended (mailed by you or, preferably, your post secondary institutions directly to the Office of Admissions at the address listed below).
  4. Official GRE Score (sent by ETS, using school code 5812)
  5. Solicit letters of recommendation from three academic and/or professional references.

International students only (in addition to the above), be sure to scan and upload the following documents to your application:

  1. Official TOEFL (sent by the testing service directly to the Office of Admissions using school code 5812) or IELTS Scores (officially submitted electronically)
  2. Official transcript in native language
  3. Official transcript in English
  4. Official degree certificate in native language
  5. Official degree certificate in English

Official documents, items 2-5 as outlined above, should be mailed to the following address:

Office of Admissions
University of Florida
201 Criser Hall
P.O. Box 114000
Gainesville, FL 32611-4000

Review Process

The Ph.D. Program Director reviews the completed application and sends it to the relevant department Graduate Coordinator. Their goal is to identify faculty member(s) whose research parallels the interest of the applicant. Once a match is made and all Graduate School requirements are satisfied, the applicant can be recommended for acceptance, based on availability of space and resources.

While our doctoral program can be customized, program requirements for all Ph.D. students include forming a supervisory committee, developing a plan of study and an annual evaluation.

Supervisory Committee

During the first semester of doctoral work, the Ph.D. program director, graduate coordinator and/or faculty members serve as a temporary committee for new students. This temporary committee guides the student’s initial decisions concerning course selections and potential assignment to teaching and research opportunities at DCP.

By the end of the student’s first year of full-time study, it is recommended that the student replace the temporary committee with a Supervisory Committee of no less than three members to advise him/her on course selections and a dissertation focus. When a dissertation focus has been determined, the student completes the Supervisory Committee for a total of four members. The Supervisory Committee and Chair must be approved by the Ph.D. Program Director and Dean of the college, and appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School.

The Supervisory Committee Chair must be a member of the Doctoral Research Faculty (DRF) in DCP. Graduate Research Faculty (GRF) from all departments within the college may serve on the committee. One committee member from a department outside DCP must be included. If the student is developing a minor or secondary focus of study, one committee member must represent that study area.

Plan of Study and Course Requirements

Students must develop a plan of study with their temporary committee during their first semester in the Ph.D. program. The plan of study is a written document that remains in the student’s file and is used by the student and Supervisory Committee as a guide for course selections and research or teaching activities.

90 semester credit hours are required for the Ph.D. program. These include:

  • 10 credit hours of core courses
  • 15 credit hours of dissertation work
  • 15 credit hours of core Historic Preservation courses

Please note: All graduate work must be completed at the University of Florida, OR Up to 30 credit hours of a master’s degree program completed at another institution. This transfer of credit must be approved by the Supervisory Committee Chair, Director of the Ph.D. Program and the Dean of the Graduate School. A request is made for the 30 credit hour transfer when the doctoral student is admitted to candidacy.

Students are required to submit a dissertation proposal to the Supervisory Committee before admission to candidacy.

The dissertation must demonstrate the candidate’s capacity for scholarly and rigorous independent investigation acceptable to the:

  • Supervisory Committee
  • Director of the Ph.D. program
  • Dean of the College of Design, Construction and Planning
  • Dean of the Graduate School

Dissertations must strictly follow Graduate School policy in both substance and procedure. Dissertations must be submitted as an electronic document that allows a wider variety of media to be submitted in support of the text.

Students are encouraged to contact the Graduate School Editorial Office prior to beginning their dissertation for guidance.

Financial aid information for foreign students may be obtained from the Office of International Studies. In the case of minority applicants, other financial aid opportunities are available through the Graduate School, the Student Financial Aid Office and the Graduate Fellowship Initiative. The Graduate Fellowship Initiative includes information on Alumni Graduate Fellowships, Graduate School Fellowships, Minority Fellowships and Presidential Fellowships.

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) delivers administrative and support services to international students, exchange students, scholars and their families. Services are provided immediately upon their arrival at the University of Florida and continue until they return to their home country. ISSS coordinates with government and university agencies to provide the following services: evaluation of international student financial statements; the issuance of IAP-66s and I-20s forms for student visas; counseling on academic, financial, cultural, and personal issues; community relations; orientation programs; and cross-cultural workshops. ISSS is the liaison with foreign and domestic embassies, consulates, foundations, and U.S. government agencies.

Contact the Doctoral Program Office:

DCP Advising

Eunice Carter
Academic & Research Administrator

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