The ICHP allows Master’s and Ph.D. students majoring in any graduate discipline at UF to learn the basics of historic preservation.

To receive the certificate, a Master’s student must take at least 4 courses (min. 12 credits) of Historic Preservation. A Ph.D. student must take at least 5 courses (min. 15 credits) of Historic Preservation.

The following requirements apply:

  • All students must take History and Theory of Historic Preservation (DCP 6710)
  • All students must maintain a minimum grade of “B” in each course
  • All remaining courses must be approved by the Historic Preservation Program Director

Preservation Institute Nantucket: Students can attend the off-campus Preservation Institute Nantucket summer program (Summer B), which accounts for 6 credits over 2 courses. More information on PIN can be found at:

  1. Submit the following:
    • Statement of purpose (max 1,500 words);
    • a letter of support from your graduate committee chair (where this is not possible, a letter from the graduate advisor of your discipline is acceptable);
    • an unofficial transcript;
    • a current resume;
    • email to with the subject line “ICHP Application”.
  1. Complete the Intent to Pursue form with the Historic Preservation Program Director.
  1. When the Intent to Pursue is verified and approved, complete the UF Formal Certificate Application here ( This application links the certificate to your UF transcript. You do not pay any fee and you will use your GatorLink username and password to apply.
  1. Contact your current department after you apply as they will ‘refer’ the online certificate application to the Historic Preservation Program. Your Graduate Coordinator may not know how to complete this step, but someone who handles admissions for the department will be authorized to complete this step. Please ask that they email so we know it is ready for the online decision.
  1. Complete your required courses as laid out in the Intent to Pursue.
  1. Fill out the ICHP Completion Form and email to .
  1. Upon the Historic Preservation Program Director decision, notification will be posted for you to see in the same online certificate application.
  1. You will receive a paper certificate in the mail and completion will be reflected in your transcripts.

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