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No, ICM courses are exclusively distance education courses and are conveniently delivered utilizing a web-based e-learning system.

  • For Degree seekers
    • an undergraduate degree
    • a cumulative verbal and quantitative GRE score of 300 or higher
    • a grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
    • For international applicants a TOEFL score of 80 or higher on the Internet-Based exam (550 on the Paper-Based) or a 6 or higher on the IELTS.
    • a statement of purpose
    • three letters of recommendation
    • five years of related work experience (an updated resume is required)
  • For Certificate seekers
    • an undergraduate degree
    • a grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
    • a statement of purpose
    • one letter of recommendation
    • 3 years of related work experience (an updated resume is required)

If you have short term career advancement goals, enroll as a certificate student and obtain a specialized certificate in Sustainable Construction and/or  Construction Project Management.
We recommend contacting the ICM Program Advisor prior to submitting an application.

Application deadlines: 
Spring admission – September 15 of the previous year
Summer admission – March 1 of the same year
Fall admission – June 1 of the same year
Applicants will need to pay the application fee and have official transcript(s) sent to the UF Office of Admissions

Degree seeking students may qualify for federal financial assistance, and should fill out the FAFSA for a determination. Contact Student Financial Affairs, 352-392-1275, http://www.sfa.ufl.edu/ for more information.
Certificate students do not qualify for federal financial assistance but may be eligible for personal student loans. Check with your bank or credit union or agencies such as Sallie Mae for more information.
The MICM degree and ICM certificates do not qualify for the Employee Education Program.

Contact the Office of Veterans Services, 352- 294-3261, http://veterans.ufl.edu/

Go to ONE.UF, http://one.uf.edu/ and login with your Gatorlink username and password, click on Financial Services, then Make a Payment. Electronic check is a free service; credit card payments have a service charge. Note that UF does not accept Visa. If you mail a check, it must be received by the due date (not the postmarked date).

The deadline for payment each semester can be found on the UF Graduate School’s academic calendar.

Much of the course material is presented in the courses themselves. Students may also be directed to websites to download additional information. If a textbook is required, to purchase a book, the professor will post where it can be purchased online. The UF Bookstore does not order books for the ICM program.

Go to ONE.UF, http://one.uf.edu/, click on My Record, then e-Learning, and login with your GatorLink username and password.

Contact the Help Desk at 352-392-HELP (4357) or helpdesk@ufl.edu

Our program follows UF’s calendar with courses offered Spring, Summer-session C, and Fall semesters. For dates and deadlines please see  the UF Graduate School’s academic calendar.

MICM courses are offered Spring and Fall semesters. Summer classes vary. Please reference our teaching schedules for exactly which courses will be offered each term.

To earn a Master of International Construction Management degree a student must successfully complete 11 ICM classes.
Of these 11 classes, ICM 6930 and ICM 6934 are required. The other 9 classes are electives.

  • ICM 6930 is a research methods course (prerequisite to ICM 6934) and should be taken the semester before a student plans to graduate.
  • ICM 6934  consists of conducting research on a chosen topic, writing a report, and presenting that report on campus. Students should only register for this course in their last semester (the semester they are graduating in). Students should make plans to be on campus for one day during their last semester to present their research report to a committee which will consist of three professors who teach ICM courses.

On the day of a student’s research presentation, the student will also take a four hour comprehensive exam which will include a few questions from each course that has been completed.

You should send an email to the graduate advisor, see ICM Registration for details. Please note that you will need to clear any active holds before you can be registered for classes.

May I skip a semester and not register for a course?
Yes, one semester. If you skip two consecutive semesters or more without registering for courses, then you will become inactive. To become an active student again, you will need to reapply and register for classes for the term that you wish to begin again.

Courses can be dropped or added during the drop/add period without a penalty. During Spring and Fall semesters this period is the first week of classes (first 5 days); Summer drop/add is allowed the first 2 days of classes.

The dates for the drop/add period each semester can be found on the UF Graduate School’s website. Reference their Academic Calendar.

A distance education student can order a UF identification card online through Gator 1 Central.  Students cannot order a card until they have registered for a course.

Go to ONE.UF, http://one.uf.edu/, under My Record, click on Certificate/Degree Application, and apply for it in the semester you are completing the final course(s) for it. UF mails your certificate to you after the semester ends and posts it to your official transcript.

Yes, those who complete a MICM degree may participate in commencement. Information about commencement can be found on the UF Registrar’s website.

Yes, ICM students can enter the football lottery or purchase tickets that become available by contacting the Gator Ticket Office, 352-375-GoUF (4683) or 800-34-GATOR (42867).

Yes, there is no indication on the UF transcript indicating that the MICM is a distance education program.

Yes, the MICM degree is classified as a degree which involves science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by the United States government.

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