Research Fields

Disaster and Emergency Management Icon

Safety and Health

Unmanned aerial vehicles, Human-computer and robotic interactions, Jobsite safety and regulation compliance

Housing Icon

Construction Automation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, Real-time monitoring and sensor technology (e.g., RFID, GIS), Internet of Things (IoT), Industrialized, off-site, and modular construction, Robotic systems

Material Science

Project Delivery and Management

Lean construction, Alternate delivery methods and contracting strategies, Team collaboration
Effective training and leadership
Construction economics and finance

Energy and Life Cycle Modeling Icon

Virtual Design and Construction

Building Information Modeling (BIM), Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) visualization, Digital twinning, Data usage in facility management, maintenance, and operation, Lidar modeling

Info Technology

Sustainability in the Built Environment

Building energy modeling and usage, Life cycle analysis, Smart buildings and cities, Resilience and disaster recovery, Affordable and sustainable housing, Innovative cement and concrete technologies

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