On-Campus Information Sessions and Interviews

Employers may conduct information sessions from 6-8 p.m. in a classroom and conduct interviews the following day in one or two of our interview rooms (RNK 141, 143). In this case, the employer will need to provide an advertisement for the information session and interviews, allowing students to sign up in our main office (RNK 304) for the interview sessions. We usually block off a half hour for each interview. You may conduct pre-selected interviews, in which you have scheduled interviews with students ahead of time, using our facilities.

Space within Rinker Hall is limited so please call in advance to schedule info sessions and interviews, especially around the time of our fall/spring career fairs. This service is only available AFTER we host the career fair each semester unless you are a Major Donor of the Rinker School.

You may conduct socials off campus, which we will be glad to advertise as well. In the event space cannot be found, the Reitz Student Union, located on campus, also offers small conference rooms for no charge. Companies do not need to coordinate with the Career Placement Coordinator for social functions off campus, but our office will be happy to advertise off-campus functions.

To contact the BCN office or Career Placement Coordinator:

Kim Stanley

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