• Course Title Construction Drawing
  • Course Prefix and Number BCN 1251C
  • Section/Class Number 0627, 07GH/11827,11828
    • 0627: 6-7 periods on Tuesday, Thursday.  Online
    • 07GH: 3-4 periods on Tuesday, Thursday.  Online
  • Credits 3


  • TEACHING PHILOSOPHY In this course, lecture and lab sessions complement one another. Students will be able to apply and reinforce learning through hands-on assignments with construction documents and communication tools that reinforce the concepts in lectures and provides real-world examples used in the construction industry. Students will demonstrate learning by demonstrating plan reading skills acquired in the course and creating examples of construction documents. Examples and practice in-class and in assignments will assess and guide learning. Questions and discussions that enhance learning for all are strongly encouraged.
  • INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS Lectures will introduce concepts and labs will allow students to apply and demonstrate skills; a final project will assess knowledge and skills acquired in the course.


  • INSTRUCTOR Robert Ries
    • Office Location 332 Rinker Hall
    • Email Address
    • Telephone Number (352) 273-1155
    • Office Hours Mondays 12:55 – 1:40 pm


  • Provides basic working knowledge of architectural graphics, practice in instrumental drawing and experience in free hand sketching.


  • An effective construction process depends on communication of the owner’s and architect’s objectives and intent for a project. Construction drawings, and specifications are the documents are the basis for a contractual agreement between an owner and contractor as well as communicate in drawings and words what should be constructed. Construction documents and shop drawings are used throughout the construction process to estimate costs correctly, schedule activities optimally, order acceptable materials, allocate labor efficiently, build accurately, and generally manage construction up to project close out.

    The course will introduce construction drawings and specifications and the use of drawings and specifications in the construction process. The course will focus on plan reading skills and use of drawings in the construction process from a construction manager’s perspective.


  • By the end of this course, students will be able to:
    1. Explain the role of construction drawings and specifications in the construction process. [SACS SLO 1, ACCE SLO 7]
    2. Demonstrate plan reading skills by interpreting and explaining typical construction documents such as scaled plan, elevation, section, detail, structural, mechanical, and electrical drawings and door, window, finish, and equipment schedules. [SACS SLO 1, ACCE SLO 7]
    3. Utilize software to apply graphical skills to create construction drawings. [SACS SLO 1, ACCE SLO 10]
    4. Read and create construction drawings in order to facilitate communication in the construction industry. [SACS SLO 1, ACCE SLO 7]
    • SACS SLO 1: Apply knowledge of engineering, materials, methods, equipment, and processes to safely construct buildings and structures.
    • ACCE SLO 7: Analyze construction documents for planning and management of construction processes.
    • ACCE SLO 10: Apply electronic-based technology to manage the construction process.

    SACS = Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
    ACCE = American Council for Construction Education
    SLO = Student Learning Outcome


  • Junior standing in major required.


  1. Architectural Drawing and Light Construction, Philip A. Grau, Edward J. Muller, 8th Edition ISBN-10: 0135132150, ISBN-13: 9780135132159
  2. Building Construction Illustrated, Francis D.K. Ching
  3. Architectural Graphic Standards, Ramsey and Sleeper Architectural Graphics, Francis D.K. Ching
  4. Reading Architectural Working Drawings, E L Muller Construction Details for Commercial Buildings, G E Wiggins
  5. Other resources provided on course website


  1. none


  • none


  • WEEK Topic/Assignment
    1 Contract document overview; Plans and specifications
    2 Plan reading
    Scale and Lettering
    3 Labor Day
    Revit / BIM intro; M. Ghesari
    4 Line Types Symbols Abbreviations
    Basic projections
    5 Sketchup
    Construction documents on the construction site; coordination
    6 Floor Plans
    Elevations and Sections
    7 Reflected Ceiling Plans
    Stairs and Details
    8 Schedules and Specifications
    Site Plan
    9 Field work: site visit
    10 Structural
    Review for Midterm Exam
    11 Midterm Exam
    Portfolio: Floor Plan and Reflected Ceiling Plan
    12 Portfolio: Elevations
    Portfolio: Elevations (cont.)
    13 Veterans Day
    Portfolio: Elevations and Section
    14 Portfolio: Door & Window Schedules
    Portfolio: Detail wall section
    15 Portfolio: Details
    16 Portfolio: Cover Page and Table of Contents; Site Plan


  • Final grades will be calculated as follows:
    Attendance 10%
    In-class exercises & Homework 35%
    Midterm 20%
    Final Project 35%
    TOTAL 100%
  • Most of the work will be completed in-class throughout the semester, therefore attendance is critical. There are no make-ups for missed classes unless you discuss your absence with the instructor before the classes you miss and provide appropriate documentation within 1 week to support your absences. Three (3rd) unexcused absences without penalty; fourth (4th) absence FINAL LETTER GRADE DOCKED 1 LETTER!
  • Attendance Requirements for class attendance and make-up exams, assignments, and other work in this course are consistent with university policies that can be found at:


  • Grading Scale
    Letter Grade A A- B+ B B- C+
    Numeric Grade 93.3-above 90-93.29 86.7-89.99 83.3-86.69 80-83.29 76.7-79.99
    Letter Grade C C- D+ D D- E
    Numeric Grade 73.3-76.69 70-73.29> 67.7-69.99 63.3-67.69 60-63.29 Below 60
  • UF grading policies for assigning grade points:


  • Course Specific ….
  • Course Conduct Students are expected to arrive to class on time and behave in a manner that is respectful to te instructor and to fellow students. Please avoid the use of cell phones and restrict eating to outside of the classroom. Opinions held by other students should be respected in discussion, and conversations that do not contribute to the discussion should be held at minimum, if at all. Rude and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Tech Support For issues with technical difficulties for E-learning, please contact the UF Help Desk at:
    • (352) 392-HELP (4357)
  • Honor Code UF students are bound by The Honor Pledge which states, “We, the members of the University of Florida community, pledge to hold ourselves and our peers to the highest standards of honor and integrity by abiding by the Honor Code. On all work submitted for credit by students at the University of Florida, the following pledge is either required or implied: “On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment.” The Honor Code ( specifies a number of behaviors that are in violation of this code and the possible sanctions. Furthermore, you are obligated to report any condition that facilitates academic misconduct to appropriate personnel. If you have any questions or concerns, please consult with the instructor or TAs in this class.
  • Accommodating Students with Disabilities Students with disabilities who experience learning barriers and would like to request academic accommodations should connect with the disability Resource Center by visiting It is important for students to share their accommodation letter with their instructor and discuss their access needs, as early as possible in the semester.
  • Academic Resources
  • Health and Wellness
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    • Counseling and Wellness Center: Visit or call 352-392-1575 for information on crisis services as well as non-crisis services.
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  • Course Evaluations Students are expected to provide professional and respectful feedback on the quality of instruction in this course by completing course evaluations online via GatorEvals. Guidance on how to give feedback in a professional and respectful manner is available at Students will be norified when the evalutation period opens, and can complete evaluations through the email they receive from GatorEvals, in their Canvas course menu under GatorEvals, or via Summaries of course evaluation results are available to students at


  • This schedule of work is provided as an initial guide and will very likely undergo changes as the semester progresses. For actual dates, consult the course Canvas website.
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