Construction Hall of Fame

The goal of the Construction Hall of Fame is to select and honor men and women who have truly distinguished themselves in the construction profession. Qualifications for Nomination:

  1. The nominee is to be someone who is truly outstanding in construction. He or she need not be a graduate of BCN.
  2. Only members of the Construction Hall of Fame and Chair, Vice Chair, and Executive Director of the BCN Advisory Council Executive Committee can nominate and vote for those persons to receive the award. Anyone can recommend someone to a member but the nomination must be by a member of the Construction Hall of Fame or BCN Advisory Council Executive Committee Officers.
  3. Nominees need to be not only distinguished because they contribute to construction of quality buildings and have the esteem of peers, but also they need to be active in their profession, serving as officers in professional organizations and be active in their community.
  4. Nominees are people who have actively supported the M. E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management in some capacity.
  5. With the honor of being inducted comes the responsibility of serving on the Construction Hall of Fame Committee.
  6. That new inductees be encouraged and offered the opportunity to make an oral presentation to a meeting of all of the students in the School.

1982 – Ed Proefke; W. W. “Bill” Gay
1983 – Charles Perry; Thorne Auchter
1984 – Dan Whiteman; Pete Mathews
1985 – Vincent Burkhardt, Sr.; Loys Johnson
1986 – Marshall E. Rinker; Jon Crabtree
1987 – Frank Hubbard; Milton Wood
1988 – Thomas Baker; Roy T. Dye
1989 – Ed Parker; Harry Touby
1990 – John Koelemij; John T. McCormick
1991 – Edward Flom; P. Scott Linder
1992 – Ronald Morrick; Armand Mouw
1993 – Theodore Crom; F. E. Booker
1994 – Joel Buzbee; E. E. Gene Simmons
1995 – NONE
1996 – NONE
1997 – Curtis Culver; William A. Pinto
1998 – Preston Haskell; Jim Kalameris
1999 – Brisbane Brown, Jr.
2000 – Charles Denny
2001 – NONE
2002 – NONE

2003 – Jess Childre; James A. Cummings
2004 – Lance S. Frankham; J. Stephen Powell, Jr.
2005 – Bob L. Moss; Charles P. Reid
2006 – NONE
2007 – William G. Lassiter, Jr.; William R. Derrer
2008 – Breck Weingart; Raymond Southern
2009 – Steve Palmer; G.W. Robinson
2010 – Daniel L. Baker; R. Lance Walker, Sr.
2011 – Sidney J. Jordan
2012 – Robert P. Angle
2013 – Jim Pugh
2014 – Karl Watson, Sr.; Thomas Miller; Harley Miller
2015 – John McIntyre; Herman H. Block
2016 – David Brandon; John Sofarelli
2017 – Bryan Kornblau; Ron Foster, Sr.
2018 – Gary Condron; Vincent G. Burkhardt
2019 – Dale R. Hedrick; Wayne Wadsworth
2020 – Morteza “Mori” Hosseini; Jon and Ron Antevy
2021 – Col. Jack W. Martin; Wayne McCall
2022 – Dr. Charles Kibert, Dave Schmit, Rob Springer
2023 – Michael S. Santarone, Jeff Nelson

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