Faculty members who direct masters and doctoral students:

Sherry Ahrentzen, Ph.D.
Housing/Residential: Building Performance for Occupant Health, Post-Occupancy Evaluation, Community/Neighborhood Development, Sustainability, Special Populations
Chimay Anumba, Ph.D.
Collaborative design, construction engineering and informatics, intelligent systems, knowledge management, cyber-physical systems, project management
Abdol Chini, Ph.D.
Construction Quality Management, Concrete Properties, Recycling and Reuse of Construction Materials, and Deconstruction
Aaron Costin, Ph.D.
Building Information Modeling (BIM), Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM), Design Computing, Ontologies, Construction Safety and Productivity, Emerging Technologies, Facilities Management
Ian Flood, Ph.D.
Empirical Modeling of Engineered Systems; Computer-based Modeling of Construction Processes, and Development of Web and Interactive Educational Techniques
Bryan Franz, Ph.D.
Delivery methods and contracting strategies, project team integration, team development, leadership in organizations
Masoud Gheisari, Ph.D.
Human-Centered Technology, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Building Information Modeling, Virtual Humans and Avatars, Unmanned Aerial Systems/Vehicles (UASs/UAVs) Educational Technology, Human-Computer/Robot Interaction
R. Raymond Issa, Ph.D.
Construction Law; Structural Analysis and Design; Database Systems; Intelligent Computing; Construction Ontologies and Semantics; Neural Networks; Virtual and Augmented Reality; Building Information Modeling (BIM); Facilities Management; Laser Scanning Applications; Data Mining; Smart Devices and UAV Applications in Construction; Data Interoperability; Flexible and Dynamic Process Modeling and Workflow Integration; and Operations, Maintenance, Damage Assessment, Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures.
Charles J. Kibert, Ph.D.
Environmental Impacts of Construction, Sustainability, Recycling, Green Building, and Deconstruction
Rui Liu, Ph.D.
Building Information Modeling, Facility Management, BIM Software Development, GIS and BIM Integration, Construction Economics and Urbanization, Big Data and Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Sensing and Indoor Localization, and Smart Cities
R. Edward Minchin, Jr., Ph.D.
Automated, Real Time Construction Quality Control; Construction Contract Administration and Project Control
Larry C. Muszynski, Ph.D.
Structural Materials Research and Development, Repair and Rehabilitation, Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel in Concrete, Structural Materials Testing and Evaluation, Failure Analysis and Repair Materials, Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials
Robert J. Ries, Ph.D.
Green Building, Sustainable Development, Life Cycle Assessment in the Construction Process
Ajay Shanker, Ph.D.
Structural Engineering, Steel, Concrete, Timber, Formwork, Wind Engineering, Hurricane Shelters, Composites,
Radon, Hurricane Resistant Construction, Restoration of Existing Buildings, and Coastal Construction
Ravi Srinivasan, Ph.D.
Low/Net Zero Energy (NZE) Buildings
Faculty members who direct masters students:
Michael Cook, JD
Cost Engineering, Project Estimating, Controls and Supervision, Purchasing Supervision, Estimating Environment
James G. Sullivan, Ph.D.
Sustainable Construction, Estimating, Techniques, Worker Productivity Training

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