The Rinker School of Construction Management has graduated over 6048 undergraduates, 1089 Masters, and 81 Ph.D. students (as of June 2014). The School decided to form BCN Alumni Regional Clubs to foster and enhance the relationship between the School, its alumni and friends, and to support the School’s mission of teaching, research and service.

The idea of forming BCN Regional Clubs was first suggested by the Diaz Fritz Isabel Group of Tampa in August 2003. They followed their suggestion by sending a survey questionnaire to about 150 BCN Alumni in the Tampa area. The results of the survey showed a strong interest among the BCN alumni to form a BCN club. Major goals/objectives of a BCN club identified by the respondents were:

  • Fundraising to Benefit the School
  • Fellowship of Alumni
  • Social Interaction
  • Share the Great Gator Spirit
  • Communication of Information (industry news, trends, employment)
  • CEU Credits /Educational Benefits (job experiences, seminars, lecturers)

BCN Clubs have been or are in the process of being formed in Florida, Atlanta, Houston and in the North East USA.

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