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Morteza “Mori” Hosseini – Jon and Ron Antevy

Morteza “Mori” Hosseini

Chairman & CEO – ICI Homes

Mori Hosseini is the Chairman and CEO of ICI Homes, one of Florida’s largest residential homebuilder/developers. Mr. Hosseini is also devoted to the mission of higher education and serves on the University of Florida Board of Trustees, where he has just been reelected for an additional two years as Chairman. The extraordinary work that he has done for UF during his tenure on the Board includes increasing the university’s annual recurring appropriations base by over $40 million this year that we expect will be foundational to achieve top 5 status, build out an unparalleled enterprise in artificial intelligence, and enhance student success at the University of Florida for many years to come. He was instrumental in securing $135 million towards the transformative Data Sciences and Information Technology Building that all students benefit from, as well as $80 million in much needed funding for our great cancer center.

In his preceding role as leader of the Statewide Board of Governors, Trustee Hosseini was, and has continued to be, instrumental in developing and implementing both the Preeminence Funding and Performance Funding models for the entire State University System. Those two programs have been tremendously impactful for our state’s universities and today account for more than $100 million in UF’s annual recurring base appropriations. As a result of his tireless work and these tremendous legislative accomplishments, Mr. Hosseini has led the University of Florida into a stature of national prominence, preeminence and respect. Through his strategic and passionate leadership on our board, UF has risen in the ranks from 14 to 7 and now to 6, and we are well on our way to Top 5.  UF is now a state, national and global leader in academics, research, science, healthcare, construction and much more.  And, perhaps most importantly, he has always put our students first. “Mori never forgets to remind us why we are all here – to invest in and support our students so that they may achieve all of the success they work so hard for.”    

As a champion of the Rinker School with his passion for both higher education and the construction industry, he has also made a significant difference by involving Rinker School leadership at the highest levels of governance of the University of Florida. There they are extremely engaged and contributing in a way that capitalizes on their unique skill set and lays the groundwork for our preeminent future. 

The efforts of Mori Hosseini have not only impacted the lives and opportunity for Rinker students, but for every student in the university for many years to come. His incredible success building his construction and development business from scratch here in Florida, combined with his leadership and influence for the advancement of UF…in the words of one of our current members of the Hall of Fame…“It is clear to all of us who know Mori, admire his accomplishments, and respect his integrity, that there is no one more deserving of a place in the University of Florida School of Construction Management Hall of Fame.”

Jon and Ron Antevy

Founders – e-Builder

Jon and Ron Antevy are brothers and UF graduates who teamed up to build the powerhouse company “e-Builder” based upon Jon Antevy’s Rinker School Master’s Thesis. The combination of their talent and perseverance when leveraging innovative new concepts at the time the Internet was taking off resulted in a highly successful company. Their technology leadership and construction industry focus have now helped thousands of global companies, government agencies, and health care and educational institutions manage billions of dollars in capital programs with solutions to improve the plan, build and operate lifecycle. Jon and Ron have also teamed up by providing expertise and support to the University of Florida, the College of Design, Construction and Planning and the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management.

Since the inception of the University of Florida Gator100 in 2015, e-Builder has made the list as one of the fastest-growing Gator-owned businesses in the world. It is considered a leading provider of integrated, cloud-based construction program management software for facility owners and the companies that act on their behalf. In 2018, e-Builder was acquired by Trimble, a Silicon Valley-based tech company that focuses on construction management solutions. The half-billion-dollar deal received national attention and helped boost South Florida’s reputation as an emerging tech hub.

“It is amazing to see this dream of ours, something that started as a thesis paper for my brother Jon, prosper into a successful and sustainable business,” said Ron Antevy, e-Builder President and CEO.

Jon and Ron are an inseparable team, they are both highly regarded and recognized in the industry, and together they built a highly successful company from scratch, a company whose genesis began during college at the Rinker School. They are therefore to be honored together as a single team at the highest level that the Rinker School can bestow, as inductees into the Rinker School’s Construction Hall of Fame. 

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