Post Assessment Action Plan

Provided below is the Rinker School Process Assessment Action Plan that is noted in the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) Submitted for Accreditation to the ACCE.  The link for the School’s QIP is also noted below the table.

ProcessAssessment ToolFunctionCadenceAction/BIC
Plan (Match Assessments to SLO’s)SLO DatabaseEnsure assessments are accurateTwice a yearIdentify problems / Plan revisions – Individual faculty
Do (Collect SLO data)SLO DatabaseEnsure data is entered accurately by all faculty  Twice a yearReview inputs / reflect / Individual faculty / Undergrad Committee  
Check (Obtain feedback)  Industry Course ReviewsValidate assessments  Each course / every other yearGather feedback from industry
Check (Verify assessments satisfy SLO’s)Undergraduate Faculty ReviewsValidate assessments / share pedagogy  Every two yearsGather feedback from faculty / review entire process  
Act (Realign SLO’s, assessments, and courses as needed)SLO Matrix / Map  Improve processKey changes made after industry review and faculty course reviews  Align assignments/ syllabus / SLO database
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