Course Options
The UF CCP Program no longer offers the live classroom course due to the growth of the distance learning option and the logistical difficulty for students to attend a three-week live class. The UF CCP course is now provided in the following format:
Livestream Online Course:
There will be two (2) livestream courses offered every year. They will follow the Fall and Spring semesters at the University of Florida with slight changes in the exact start and end dates (See the Course Schedule for details). All of the lectures will be given live on the UF Canvas site to give the student an opportunity to interact with the instructor of each subject. The lectures will be recorded for students who miss a lecture, but the student will be required to stay on schedule with the material in order to complete the course on time.
The student is required to travel to Gainesville for 3-5 days to complete 12 Lead, labs and clinical rotations. The live requirements are as follows:
• Day 1: Cadaver Lab and Clinical Skills Labs
• Day 2: ICU Clinical Rotations
• Day 3: ICU Clinical Rotations
• Day 4: Bob Page 12 Lead EKG
• Day 5: Bob Page Enhanced 12 Lead EKG and Capnography
The Bob Page 12 Lead and Capnography 2-day course is offered for each of the UF CCP courses. Additionally, the course is offered all over the country and the student may attend the course at any other location that may be convenient. However, the course must be the 2-day series and attendance during enrollment of the UF CCP is required. The cadaver/skills lab is offered at both UF CCP course. The dates of the live section will be scheduled near the end of the course and the exact dates will be announced at the start of the course.

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