Curriculum Overview

The University of Florida’s Critical Care Paramedic Certificate Program is a rigorous 160-hour course that will provide instruction in all aspects of Critical Care Transport. Instructors include flight paramedics and nurses, respiratory therapists, perfusionists, physicians and professors from the UF College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy. The class is offered via LiveStream twice a year. The UF CCP student will experience intense didactic instruction and hands on clinical rotations and laboratory sessions.

Didactic topics include (not all inclusive):

• Invasive Lines and Hemodynamic Monitoring
• Intra Aortic Balloon Pump
• Impella CP Device
• Critical Care Pharmacology
• Flight Physiology
• Rapid Sequence Induction
• External Cardiac Pacemakers
• Left Ventricular Assist Devices
• Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
• Transport Radiology
• Introduction to Ultrasound and the eFAST Exam
• Neonatal Critical Care
• Pediatric Critical Care
• High Risk Obstetrics
• Advanced Trauma Management
• Burn Management
• Blood Administration
• Toxicology Management
• Neurological Assessment and EVD’s
• Microbiology and Cell Science

• Antibiotic Chemotherapy
• 12 Lead EKG and Capnography with Bob Page
• Therapeutic Hypothermia
• Biomechanics of Respiration and Ventilator Management
• Advanced Airway Procedures
• Cellular Respiration and Shock
• Laboratory Data Analysis and Point of Care Testing
Clinical Rotations and Laboratory Sessions Include:
• Ventilator Management
• Ultrasound Assessment and the eFAST Exam
• Advanced Airway Procedures
• Cadavar Lab
• Cardiac ICU
• Medical ICU
• Pediatric ICU
• Neurosurgery ICU
• Neonatal ICU
• Trauma ICU

The grading for the course is set up for the student to show their ability to process and apply the information and material learned in class. There are three (3) in class exams, several topic specific quizzes, a student packet and a final exam. This enables the student and the instructors to identify any areas that may need additional work and provide the student feedback to make the necessary adjustments to navigate the material.

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