The business and affairs of the BCNAC shall be conducted and guided by an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will be comprised of industry leaders who may be recommended by the Chairman of the Executive Committee, the Executive Director, or Executive Committee Members, and whose appointment is approved by the Executive Committee. Preference should be given to BCN alumni with more than 10 years of construction work experience who hold an executive level position in the firm/organization they are associated. Prior service as a Board member of a BCN regional club is desired. The membership of the Executive Committee shall be limited to not more than 25 members and ideally be a balanced representation of the construction industry with regard to ethnic background, gender, geographic location, and experience across various construction industry segments (such as general contractors, specialty contractors, construction management firms, owners, suppliers, support services, public agencies, and professional associations). Both the executive committee member and the company they are associated with shall be in good standing in the construction industry and shall continue to operate under good ethical standards and code of conduct throughout the term of their service.


The Executive Committee shall develop and determine the mission, program, business plans, committees, and policies of the Advisory Council. All officers of the Executive Committee shall have such authority and perform such duties in the management of the BCNAC as are provided in the By-Laws or as may be determined by the Executive Committee not inconsistent with the By-Laws.


Executive Committee members shall serve for a five year term renewable for one term after which the member must sit out one term. The initial members of the Executive Committee will be divided so as to have staggered terms from one to five years, thus providing for a turnover of about two members per year.

  • The term of office for the Chairperson will be two calendar years, renewable for one term after which the office holder must sit out one term.
  • The term of office for the Vice-Chairperson will be two calendar years, renewable for one term after which the office holder must sit out one term, unless election to the Chairperson position extends this term for an additional two to four years.
  • To the extent practical, the Executive Committee will seek a candidate for Vice-Chairperson who expresses a willingness to serve as Chairperson following the two-year or four-year term of the current Chairperson, depending on the Executive Committee’s desire to retain the Chairperson for a second two-year term.


The BCNAC shall conduct some of its affairs and business through standing subcommittees of the Executive Committee. Such subcommittees will be appointed by the Executive Committee from the membership of the Executive Committee and will also have a BCN faculty member. The Chairperson will present the slate of subcommittees for the next calendar year at the Fall meeting each year for approval by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee of the BCNAC may appoint ad hoc, limited duration subcommittees from time to time for special purposes. A member of the faculty of the Rinker School will be designated to facilitate the work of each subcommittee and to record the activities of the subcommittee. All members shall serve on one of the subcommittees. The following standing subcommittees will be appointed each year:

  • Industry, Student and Faculty Relations: This subcommittee will assist the Executive Director in promoting the Rinker School within construction industry and advising the Executive Director on relationships with industry. The subcommittee will assist in the development of the School’s student internship program, faculty internship program, and research programs with industry partners.
  • Curriculum: The purpose of this subcommittee is to provide continuous review of the Rinker School’s undergraduate and graduate curricula and to foster changes where needed to promote constant improvement necessary to meet industry demands.
  • Development and Membership: The purpose of this subcommittee is to support and promote the fund-raising activities of the Rinker School. This subcommittee will also assist in promoting and soliciting membership in the BCNAC. Its members will also work with the Executive Director in developing an awards program for providing appropriate recognition for students, faculty, corporations, alumni, and individuals.


Executive Committee Officers

  • Dale R. Hedrick
    Hedrick Brothers Construction Co., Inc.
  • Rob Springer
    Vice Chairman
    Springer-Peterson Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.
  • R. Raymond Issa
    Interim Executive Director
    Rinker School of Construction Management

Executive Committee Members

  • Miles Albertson
    University of Florida
  • Dan Baker
    Baker Concrete Construction
  • Stacey Barton
    The Haskell Company
  • David Brandon
    Brandon Construction
  • Sean DeMartino
    Coastal Construction
  • George Estes
    Acousti Engineering Company of Florida
  • Mark Freeman
    McIntyre, Elwell & Strammer
  • Rick Goldman
    PCL Construction Services, Inc.
  • John Harris
    Balfour Beatty
  • Sidney J. Jordan
    Clark Construction Group
  • David Nabavi
  • Bhavin Naik
    Superior Construction Company
  • Jeff Nelson
    David Nelson Construction Company
  • Charles Reid
  • Current Builders
  • Nick Salce
  • Michael Santarone
  • Dave Schmit
    Schmit + Associates
  • Erik Sharpe
    Brasfield & Gorrie
  • Domenic Scorpio
    D.E. Scorpio Corporation
  • John Sofarelli
    J. Raymond Construction Corp.
  • Brian Sudduth
    Miller Construction Company
  • Wayne Wadsworth
    Holder Construction
  • Matt Webster
    Charles Perry Partners Inc.
  • Doug Wilcox
    Scherer Construction of North Florida, LLC
  • Eric Young
    Reeves & Young
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