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Since 1983, the Rinker School has published a Resume Yearbook (formerly known as the Graduate Resume Yearbook) for companies to recruit students. The yearbook is a collection of standardized resumes of the junior, senior and graduate students. All students’ resumes contain contact information, a history of work related experience, education history, club and activity involvement, and software skills. Also included are faculty resumes, curriculum and course descriptions, and student organization descriptions and photos.

For Recruiters

If you are interested in supporting the publication of the yearbook and showing your support for the finest construction management program, please place an ad in this year’s publication. The yearbook will be distributed to faculty of the School, students, and all companies attending our career fairs. Advertisement prices are listed below. Please contact to reserve a space.

Divider Pages

Curriculum Page $300
Faculty Page $250
Staff $250
Student Organizations $250
Graduating Class Fall 2018 $200
Graduating Class Spring 2019 $200
Graduating Class Fall 2019 $200
Graduating Class Spring 2020 $200
Graduate Students

Full Page Back Inside Cover


Additional Copies of Yearbook


For Students

The Resume Yearbook is a compilation of pictorial resumes of all graduating Rinker School students. The yearbook is highly regarded in the construction industry as a valuable tool from which to hire new employees and recruit students for internships and full-time positions. Many companies, besides those that attend the career fairs, purchase the Resume Yearbook in order to recruit students.
Juniors (J1 and J2) are allotted a half page section for their resume (listed below) for the required format with 10 pt. Times New Roman.
Seniors (S1 and S2) and Graduate students are allotted a full page for their resume (below) for the required format with 10 pt. Times New Roman.
Please DO NOT submit your resume in any other format.
Submit a professional headshot in business attire.Darker colors present well, and all photos are black and white. The career placement coordinator will visit the J1 class for photos and is able to take headshots for any other students by appointment. For further assistance with your resume, in regards to format or grammatical assistance you may consult with the Career Connect Center at
For Rinker School students, the publication serves as a momento to take with them after they graduate. Any student who submits a resume and picture will receive a free yearbook. The yearbook is $30 for students who DO NOT submit their resume. It is your responsibility to follow up with the career placement office, to confirm whether your resume has been received. Be sure to submit your resume on time.

J2, S1, S2, current graduate students deadline: July 1, 2018
J1, new graduate students deadline: August 24, 2018

Submit Your Resume Formats

Senior and Graduate Resume Format (.doc)
Junior Resume Format (.doc)
Submit your resume to

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