Mission, Vision and Core Values


The mission of the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management is to be the center of excellence for construction. The Rinker School will pursue this by:

  1. Promoting professional and ethical behavior in education and practice,
  2. Advancing the industry by creating new knowledge through research and scholarly activities,
  3. Educating individuals in the principles, knowledge and skills required to be successful in their professional careers, and
  4. Providing service and transferring knowledge to the citizens of Florida, the construction industry, professional societies, the nation, and the world.

The Rinker School will achieve this mission by fostering a core culture of value and quality.


The Vision of the M.E. Rinker, Sr. Rinker School of Construction Management is to be the preeminent institution for construction education. The intent is that the name, “Rinker School,” be recognized as being synonymous with excellence in construction education, research, and integration with industry. This Vision for the Rinker School, although simple in concept, is extremely difficult to attain and sustain. There are in fact many excellent construction programs in the U.S. and around the world. To be in the top tier among many fine institutions will require dedication on the part of the faculty and staff and the commitment of adequate resources to fund the many initiatives required to support the Vision.

Core Values
The following are core values held by the faculty and staff of the Rinker School:

  • Professionalism and ethics in education and practice,
  • Advanced quality construction management education that meets the high academic standards of the University of Florida as well as the specific needs of the global construction community,
  • High impact construction research activities in partnerships with other institutions of higher learning, government, business, and industry,
  • New and innovative solutions for construction industry challenges,
  • New applications of existing and emerging technologies,
  • Practical experience through industry internships, and highly interactive and immersive virtual environments,
  • Community engagement through organized volunteerism to help improve the life and shelter of underprivileged families in the community,
  • National and international recognition as a leading institution in the field of construction through research and the participation of graduate students and faculty in international meetings and conferences,
  • A continuous improvement process to keep course offerings at the leading edge of knowledge,
  • Outstanding relationships with the construction industry.
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