M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management

MSFES/ESDM Registration

Student Registration

New students are required to create a Gatorlink email account. To create the account you will need the UFID number, created when you completed your UF admission application.

Important Notice About Registration

Degree seeking students not registered for two or more consecutive terms, will be required to submit a readmission application to UF admissions. To remain an active UF student, you must register for 1 or more classes at least every other semester.

Certificate students who have not registered for 2 consecutive semesters will be required to submit a new certificate application scroll down to “Certificate undergraduate, graduate and professional certificate programs”.

Registration Holds

You are required to clear holds placed on your account each semester before your registration can be processed.

To clear your holds:

Log into your ONE.UF account https://one.uf.edu/  > select Holds Check for holds on your student record > Check Holds

Follow prompts to eliminate all holds. Holds may include; emergency contact information, registration prep, and current address verification.

To Register

When you have determined the courses you would like to take this semester, contact the Graduate Advisor via e-mail. The subject of the e-mail should be “MSFES Course Registration”. In the body of the text please include your name, last four of UF ID, zip code, and the courses you would like to take. Students will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration.
Please note:  Certificate students can only register for certificate courses.

UF Registrar’s Calendar

Course Availability

Students must complete  11 approved Graduate level FES courses.  Courses must be approved by the advisor.

Fall Courses

  • FES 6726
    Hazard Mitigation & Preparedness***
  • FES 6826
    Emergency Services – Disaster Response***
  • FES 6806
    Disaster Response & Recovery
  • FES 6836
    Impacts of Natural & Man-made Disasters on Buildings
  • FES 6916
    Research for Master’s Report
  • FES 6940
    Practicum in FES

*** Certificate Courses

Spring Courses

  • FES 6724
    Response Planning***
  • FES 6736
    Homeland Security & Emergency Management***
  • FES 6735
    International Emergency Disaster Management
  • FES 6786
    Research Methods in FES
    (prereq. for FES 6916)
  • FES 6940
    Practicum in FES

Summer Courses

  • FES 6705
    Communications in Emergency Management
  • FES 6827
    Business Continuity & Disaster
  • FES 6971
    Research for Master’s Thesis
  • FES 6940
    Practicum in FES
  • FES 6916
    Research for Master’s Report

All courses are taught utilizing a web based e-learning system. The courses are organized in weekly modules which include audio power point presentations, video lectures, assigned reading and on-line discussion forums. Each course utilizes an electronic discussion board that provides an in depth interactive experience while at the same time offering individual flexibility to the working professional student.


Keith Collins
Admissions Officer II
(352) 273-1063