Welcome to the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management, the longest-running school of construction in the United States!

Located on the UF campus in beautiful Gainesville, Florida, we have been educating students since 1935 and offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees and a doctoral concentration in Construction Management. Construction Management degrees rank 12th in median lifetime earnings published by the Washington Post and U.S. News and World Report lists construction manager as one of the best construction jobs. While covering one of our biannual career fairs, our local television station, TV 20, noted that commercial construction is on the rise. The United States Department of Labor lists the average salary of a construction manager as $85,630. In short, our graduates are on their way to a profitable and rewarding career.

How you can become part of the construction industry. (on-campus program)

If one does not have an undergraduate degree in construction, a master’s degree can be a great way to obtain a management position with a construction firm. As long as an individual is motivated and willing to commit to the necessary scholarly effort, we can help them transition. Our master’s degree program has both thesis and non-thesis options, so one can choose whether or not to focus on research. The prerequisites, which can be completed after beginning the master’s program, help build a solid foundation of knowledge, while the graduate-level courses instill advanced knowledge of important topics: sustainable construction, heavy civil construction, information technology in construction, building information modeling (BIM), etc. We also have two career fairs per year, multiple internship opportunities, and a full-time career placement coordinator. Click here for more information on on-campus master’s degree program.

Master’s of International Construction Management (online program)*

According to the Unites States Census Bureau, those with a master’s degree tend to earn approximately 15% more income per year than those without one, and the Rinker School of Construction Management can help. We have an online master’s degree program designed for working professionals in the construction industry with at least five years of experience. The Masters of International Construction Management (MICM) degree is a non-thesis degree where students only have to come to campus to present their final paper and take a cumulative exam at the end of their academic experience.
*The MICM degree is applicable to both the United States as well as international construction Click here to learn more about our distance education construction management program.

Master of Science in Fire and Emergency Sciences with a focus in Disaster Management (online program)

Everyday the world is faced with a natural or man-made disaster of some sort, so preparedness is key to literal survival. Implementation of emergency plans and procedures are a necessary part of all public and private business and development; including communications, energy, water & sanitation companies, fire and emergency response departments as well as medical facilities. The online master’s program in Fire and Emergency Sciences and Emergency Services/Disaster Management (MSFES) is designed for individuals who are seeking knowledge in emergency planning, hazard mitigation and preparedness, disaster response and recovery, and homeland security. Teaching students not only how to respond after a disaster but how to prepare and hopefully prevent disaster from occurring. The educational goal is to create broad experience that includes the many elements of current cases in FES and ES/DM and emphasizes both the critical thinking and leadership skills necessary to advance in the field. Click here to learn more about the Master of Science in Fire and Emergency Sciences.

The contact person for the Construction Management programs is:

Mr. Joseph Carroll
Admissions Officer
(352) 273-1181

The contact person for the Fire and Emergency Sciences program is:

Mr. Keith Collins
Admissions Officer
(352) 273-1063

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