Sustainable Construction Major

The Major in Sustainable Construction inside of a Master of Science in Construction Management degree will prepare students to effectively contribute to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a high performance built environment comprised of green, energy-efficient buildings, renewable energy systems, and efficient infrastructure. Its objectives are to address:

1.      Issues of built infrastructure related water, energy, and material resource efficiencies
2.      Alternative practices that can significantly reduce the environmental impacts of the built environment, and
3.      Exploring emerging disciplines in sustainable construction.

The resulting degree awarded upon successful completion of the program will be a Master of Science in Construction Management (thesis) with a Major in Sustainable Construction.

In addition to writing a sustainability themed thesis, students must complete the following coursework:

BCN 6583Sustainable Housing3
BCN 6584CBuilding Energy3
BCN 6585Sustainable Construction3
BCN 6641Construction Value Engineering3
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