Student Resources

Potential and current students:

  1. Obtain a handbook: All on-campus students, and applicants to the program, should familiarize themselves with the Rinker School’s master’s handbook.
  2. Ask questions: If you cannot find the answer to your question on this website, then be sure to ask the Graduate Admissions Officer or the Director of Research and Graduate Education.

Things to do after being accepted into the masters program:

  1. Gatorlink account: Students must create a UF email address, which is done through Gatorlink. All official University of Florida emails, including departmental correspondence, are sent to UF student email accounts.
  2. Gator 1 Card: Obtain an official University of Florida student identification card. Visit Gator 1 Central for additional information.
  3. Update UF Directory: It is important that one’s phone number and address are up to date in the UF system. Information on how to update student records can be found on the UF Registrar’s website.
  4. UF Student Handbook: Obtain the UF Graduate Student Handbook from the UF Graduate School’s website.
  5. Florida Residency: For information on how to potentially apply for in-state tuition, visit the UF Office of Admissions’ website.

Important Information for current students:

  1. ONE.UF: UF’s Integrated Student Information System (ONE.UF) has information about fees, grades, holds, transcripts, financial information, and deadlines. Students should visit the ONE.UF website regularly.
  2. UF Graduate School: The Graduate School’s website is a valuable source of information for students.
  3. UF Graduate Catalog: Graduate students should also be familiar with the Graduate Catalog and the policies therein.
  4. myUFL: The myUFL portal is a helpful student resource.

Graduating students:

  1. Apply for graduation: Students must apply for graduation through ONE.UF in the beginning of the semester in which they plan to graduate. Graduation applications do not carry over to subsequent semesters.
  2. Required classes before graduation: There are certain classes which must be taken prior to and during your final semester. Students should contact their advisor for periodic degree audits prior to their final term.
  3. Forms: Students should see their advisor for necessary graduate forms.
  4. Deadlines: See the UF Graduate School’s academic calendar on their website.
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