There are several options available to Construction Management graduate students who wish to pursue more than one degree at the same time.

Combination Master’s Degrees

Combination degrees allow students to earn two master’s degrees in two distinct majors at the University of Florida. Common combinations for Rinker School students include the Master of Architecture and Master of Engineering. Such a program is initiated by the student but requires prior approval of each academic unit and the Graduate School. If the student is approved to pursue two master’s degrees, up to nine credits of course work from one degree program may be applied toward the second master’s degree, thereby allowing both degrees to be completed in less time.

Construction Management and Juris Doctor Combination Program

  • Candidates for admission must meet the entrance requirements for and be accepted by both programs.
  • The combination degree program is not open to students who have already earned one degree.
  • Admission to the second program is required no later than the end of the penultimate year of one degree of the combination degree program.
  • A student must satisfy the curriculum requirements for each degree before either degree is awarded.
  • Up to 12 Credits may be double counted for the JD/MSCM or JD/MCM with concurrence of both programs.
  • A student enrolled in the combination degree program may spend the first year in either the College of Law or the Rinker School.
  • Students may enter the second program thereafter without once again qualifying for admission so long as they have notified the second program before the end of the first week of the first semester in the joint degree program and are in good academic standing when the studies commence in the second program.
  • Any student who participates in the combination degree program beginning in the Fall Semester must register for a course or courses in the second program no later than the beginning of the fifth semester, including the summer term as a semester. Any student who participates in the combination degree program beginning law school in the Spring Semester must commence study in the Rinker School no later than the fifth semester, including summer term as half a semester.
  • Students must carry the minimum number of credits required by either degree program.
  • The Rinker School courses which are to be credited toward the J.D. degree must carry a grade of “B” or higher and will not be counted in the College of Law grade point average. College of Law courses which are to be credited toward the MSCM/MCM degree must carry a grade of “C” or higher and will not be counted in the grade point average at the Rinker School.
  • Students enrolled in the combination degree program must complete the College of Law’s advanced writing requirement. An approved master’s thesis in Construction Management will satisfy the advanced writing requirement of the College of Law if so certified by a law school faculty member. Non-Thesis students must still satisfy the College of Law’s writing requirement.
  • A student enrolled in the combination degree program will not receive either degree until he/she has satisfied all of the requirements for both degrees, or until he/she has satisfied the requirements of one of the degrees as if he/she had not been a joint degree candidate.
  • Students who enroll in the combination degree program but do not complete the program may receive credit toward the College of Law degree under the graduate level course option for a maximum of two courses, not to exceed 6 semester credits, taken from the graduate curriculum of the Rinker School. Likewise, students will receive up to 6 credits towards the MSCM or MCM if they enroll in the joint degree program but do not complete it.
  • Students in the combination program will be eligible for the graduate teaching assistantships and research assistantships in the Rinker School on the same basis as other Rinker School graduate students, subject to the guidelines and restrictions set by the Rinker School.
  • The student’s graduate supervisory committee be comprised of two Rinker School graduate faculty members and one law faculty member. Whether a law faculty member serves on the supervisory committee or not, theses will deal with a topic related to law.
  • The Levin College of Law’s website has some additional information on the combination degree program.
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