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Gabriel Castelblanco

Gabriel Castelblanco

M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management
Assistant Professor

PhD, Universidad de los Andes, 2022

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Before joining Rinker, Dr. Gabriel Castelblanco was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin in Italy, Lecturer and ad-hoc researcher in the School of Engineering at the University of Central Lancashire (UK). He taught Project Management and Construction Project Management. He has collaborated with universities in Latin America (Chile and Colombia), Europe (the Netherlands, the UK, and Italy), and an Australian research center (CSIRO – Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation). Dr. Castelblanco also worked as a practitioner for more than eight years in Real Estate Project Management.

His research focuses on decision support systems, governance, and risk analysis for alternative project deliveries. He has published over 20 peer-reviewed papers in the fields of P3s and project finance. He is also an Associate Member of the ASCE and a reviewer for its Journal of Management in Engineering and the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management. His experience as a project management practitioner adds value to his academic role to guide students in combining theoretical principles with real-world experience. He encourages students’ collaborative problem-solving approach in an environment where making mistakes is safe, which empowers them to bring their experiences and prior knowledge to the class.

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Dennis Mitterer

Dennis Mitterer

M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management
Fire and Emergency Services Instructional Professor & Advisor

Dr. Mitterer completed his Ph.D. in Leadership and Organizational Change from Walden University focusing on the effects of a leader’s behavior on employee job satisfaction, productivity, engagement and turnover. Mitterer draws on social science theories to develop future leaders in the Fire and Emergency Services Program at Rinker School. Dr. Mitterer has extensive practical experience in leadership in the private sector, health care, emergency services, and in higher education.  

Dr. Mitterer has published numerous articles on diverse subjects related to safety in emergency services, risk management, the use of technology in the delivery of patient care, and leadership’s effect on trust and psychological safety. He has also published books on Personal Wellness, Finance, and Risk Management.  

Prior to joining UF, full time, Mitterer taught at Lebanon Valley College, Immaculata College, and the Pennsylvania College of Health. He earned his master’s degree in Management from Penn State University, Smeal Business College, bachelor’s degree from Penn State University, in nursing, and a bachelor’s degree in business from Elizabethtown College.  

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Maria Watson

Maria Watson

M.E. Rinker, Sr, School of Construction Management, Shimberg Center for Housing Studies
Assistant Professor

Maria Watson is an Assistant Professor in the M.E. Rinker, Sr, School of Construction Management and affiliated researcher with the Shimberg Center for Housing Studies. Before coming to the University of Florida, she was a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning and Hazard Reduction Recovery Center at Texas A&M University. She has degrees in Urban Planning from The Ohio State University and Texas A&M University.

Dr. Watson’s research focuses on the factors impacting community recovery after disaster events, particularly interdependencies between infrastructure, housing, and businesses. She is particularly interested in the effectiveness of disaster programs and how these programs can be structured to better meet recovery needs. Watson has been a part of multiple interdisciplinary disaster recovery research efforts in Texas, Louisiana and North Carolina after Hurricanes Ike, Harvey, Matthew, Florence, Laura, and Delta. She has received grants from the National Science Foundation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Federal Emergency Management Agency for her research.

Dr. Watson has taught courses in quantitative methods, local government, and urban planning. She is currently co-teaching BCN-6585 Principles of Sustainable Development and Construction at the Rinker School.

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Chaofeng Wang

Chaofeng Wang

M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management
Assistant Professor

Dr. Wang is specialized in computational mechanics, uncertainty and risk quantification, AI, and their applications in the natural and built environment. He joined the Rinker School as an Assistant Professor of Artificial Intelligence. Before that, he earned degrees in Engineering Mechanics and Civil Engineering from Central South University and Clemson University and worked as a postdoctoral scholar at University of California, Berkeley.


M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management

Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering


He has broad interests in the intelligent automation of design, construction and management of the next generation infrastructure system. He also develops cyberinfrastructure that leverages stochastic physics-based simulation, AI and data mining techniques for multi-scale modeling of the built and natural environment under chronic and acute stressors, which leads to informed decision-makings. Particularly, his focal areas include foundational issues in AI, data, and material sciences, such as: mechanism of neural networks, uncertainty quantification and dimension reduction of data and models, explainability and interpretability of algorithms and inferences, constitutive modeling and design of future construction materials.

Publications: Google Scholar


BCN5905 – Advanced Construction Technology – Additive Construction – Fall 2023
DCP 5905/6905 – Advanced AI Systems – Fall 2022
DCP 4300 – AI in Built Environment – Spring 2022, Spring/Fall 2023

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Adam Smith

Adam Smith

M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management
Fire and Emergency Services Instructional Assistant Professor

Lecturer Adam A. Smith holds a BS and MS in Fire and Emergency Service Management from the University of Florida.  He began his educational journey obtaining a Fire Science Diploma at TiftArea Technical College before moving on to obtain his AAS in Fire Science Technology from Chattahoochee Technical College.  Adam holds national certifications as a Firefighter, Fire Officer, Paramedic, Hazardous Materials Technician, Public Safety Diver, and Instructor.  He holds State of Florida certification as a Paramedic, State of Georgia First Class Firefighter certification, State of Georgia certification as a Paramedic, and is a State of Georgia Smoke Diver.  Adam’s goal is to start working on his PhD in 2021.

Adam has worked in Fire and Emergency Service since 1986 until retiring in July of 2020 as a Lieutenant with Lumpkin County (GA) Emergency Services.  He began his career at the University of Florida as a Fire and Emergency Service (FES) Management Adjunct Lecturer, January of 2020.  He accepted a FES Management Lecturer position with UF, August of 2020.  Adam’s experience as a firefighter, paramedic, and Fire Officer allows him to pair his extensive real-life experience with the desire to instruct and inspire others in the FES career field as well as FES students at the University of Florida.

Lecturer Smith teaches the following FES Management courses at the Rinker School of Construction Management: Principles of FES Management, Community Risk Reduction, FES Administration, Personnel Management for Emergency Services, Public Information and Community Relations, Current Issues in FES, and Analytical Approaches to Fire Protection.  Adam guides the Emergency Management Internship program.  Adam is also tasked with helping guide students with submitting FES Undergraduate Honors Papers.

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R. Raymond Issa

R. Raymond Issa

M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management
Distinguished Professor

Areas of Focus:
Construction IT: 
Digital Twins, BIM/VDC, AI/ML, industrialized construction, construction management, construction law, ontologies and semantics and structures and foundations and is an advocate for technology integration in the AECO industry. 

Bio: R. Raymond Issa, Ph.D., J.D., P.E., F.ASCE, API is an engineer, lawyer and computer scientist and UF Distinguished Professor and Director of the Center for Advanced Construction Information Modeling (CACIM), Rinker School of Construction Management, University of Florida. Raymond specializes and teaches in the areas of Digital Twins, BIM/VDC, AI/ML, industrialized construction, construction management, construction law, information technology, ontologies and semantics and structures and foundations and is an advocate for technology integration in the AECO industry. Raymond is in demand as a keynote speaker on BIM, AR/VR, technology integration, manufactured construction, resiliency and creativity and innovation. Raymond has completed over $8 million in grants; his authorship includes over 350 publications and he has chaired over 350 Masters and over 50 Ph.D. committees. Raymond was elected an ASCE Fellow in 2009; received the ASCE Computing in Civil Engineering Award in 2012; was elected to Pan American Academy of Engineering (API) in 2014 and received the 2015 Best Paper Award from the ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management (JCEM). Raymond currently serves as the Chief Editor of the ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering; on the Editorial Board of Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management (ECAM); as VP for the North American Region of the Pan American Federation of Engineering Societies (UPADI); as Chair of the International Society of Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (ISCCBE) Board of Directors, as Chair of the Academic interoperability Coalition (AiC) and as Member of the Board of Directors of the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).

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Robert F. Cox

Robert F. Cox

M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management
Director and Professor

As director, Robert leads the day-to-day operations of the Rinker School.  He spends much of his time engaged with industry partners while supporting faculty, staff, and students in keeping the School as one of the most reputable construction management programs in the country while maintaining its global recognition.

Prior to his return to UF in July 2020, he served as a Senior Associate Dean for Globalization and Global Fellow at Purdue University.  As senior associate dean, he was responsible for the overall strategic planning and execution of all international activities on behalf of the Purdue Polytechnic.  He provided leadership for more than a dozen global collaborative partnerships across four continents. Robert was recognized with the Purdue’s 2019 Global Vision Award for his accomplishments in globalization.

He led the development of the European Alliance Strategic Partnership bringing together six university partners from Europe and the United States (four European and two US institutions) to foster increased collaboration in faculty mobility, student exchange, and research.

Prior to this role, he served as the Department Head of Building Construction Management from 2006 – 2012. From 1993-2006 Robert was the Associate Director / Director of Undergraduate Programs for the Rinker School of Building Construction at the University of Florida. He completed his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering – Construction Engineering and Management at Virginia Tech in 1994.  His research interests include the application of technology, trust models, performance measurement, continuous improvement strategies, development of global strategic collaborative partnerships, and the development of increased intercultural capacity and global awareness among faculty and students.

Robert currently serves the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) in the United Arab Emirates as an accrediting visitor for construction management and civil engineering programs.

He has been active in designing, implementing, and monitoring employee development, strategic quality management and continuous improvement programs within construction firms. He has given lectures on numerous construction management topics, such as;  internet-based collaborative project management systems, continuous improvement, high performance management techniques, trust building, and globalization strategies throughout the world.

His current areas of research interest include the international construction project management, technology applications to construction management, internet based collaborative project management systems, employee training and development, Key Behavioral Indicators, Key Performance Indicators, and modeling the Return on Investment of Employee Training.

A three-time national award-winning teacher, Robert was selected the University of Florida’s Teacher of the Year for 1999-2000. He also received the College of Architecture Teacher of the Year Award in 1999-2000.  In 2004, Robert was selected as one of five inaugural members of the University of Florida’s Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars.

Robert has taught construction management courses in planning and scheduling, estimating, and productivity improvement, cost analyses, construction project simulation, and global construction.  Prior to academics and consulting, Robert served in many management roles within the construction industry.  Robert continues to serve the construction industry as an active consultant, global strategic advisor, construction expert witness, as well as a provider of professional / executive coaching.  Most recently his corporate training programs have focused on developing high performance teams through a learning cultural environment. He has worked with more than 160 master students and 25 doctoral candidates.  Robert has authored more than 60 publications and reports.


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Aladdin Alwisy

Aladdin Alwisy

M.E. Rinker, Sr, School of Construction Management
Assistant Professor

Please visit for an in-depth look at Professor Alwisy’s Robotics Lab

  • Current research interests
    • Dr. Alwisy’s research interests lie in developing and assessing sustainable practices that capture the future of intelligent design and manufacturing systems by establishing the scientific and technological foundations for uncertain, human-centric processes in industrialized construction. His research will take advantage of recent advances in RoboticsSensing TechnologiesMachine Learning (ML),  Augmented/Virtual/Mixed reality (AR/VR/MR)Simulation, and Lean Manufacturing to promote the shift towards industrialized construction by reducing the expense of the design, manufacturing process, and system control. Dr. Alwisy has largely contributed to construction automation by the development of the first-in-the-nation Robotic Station for the framing and installation of industrialized construction that utilizes patented robotic systems and methods. Additionally, Dr. Alwisy developed innovative BIM technologies, such as BIM- and knowledge-based drafting and design for manufacturing, performance-based target cost modeling system, and computational energy-based generative design framework.
  • Research Lab
    • The main research interests of this lab lie in the Digitization of the Multidisciplinary Design & Construction Processes of Industrialized Projects (Modular & Panelized Construction) in order to develop and assess sustainable practices in the construction industry that dynamically and interactively improve the performance metrics of buildings while seeking to reduce the overall lifecycle cost.

To achieve a true shift towards the industrialization of construction projects, we plan to develop innovative frameworks and paradigms that bridge the gap between the state-of-art and state-of-practice with regard to leading construction management techniques, specifically Industry 4.0 technologies. As such, the pursuit of the digitization of the design & construction processes is expected to continually promote the adaptation of new concepts by introducing automated and semi-automated tools that simplify the implementation process for construction practitioners.

To view Research Gallery photos, please visit:

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Idris Jeelani

Idris Jeelani

M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Civil Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2019
M.S. Civil Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2016
B.Tech. Civil Engineering, NIT Silchar, 2011

Dr. Jeelani leads the Construction Automation and safety (CAS) research group, at the Rinker School of Construction Management. His research focuses on construction safety, visual data analytics, and cognitive sciences to support the building of the next generation of safe and smart infrastructure. He joined UF in 2019 after completing his Ph.D. and MS in civil engineering from North Carolina State university. Over the years, he has worked on multiple research projects focusing on : (1) visual attention behavior of construction workers and its impact on their safety performance, (2) augmenting worker performance through the development of AI solutions, and (3) evaluating the health and safety impacts of automated and robotic machines in construction.

The outcomes of the research have been published in leading peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Jeelani developed the first personalized hazard-recognition training intervention for construction workers in 2016. The work was published in the ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management and awarded the best paper of 2017 and was nominated for the Norman medal. Dr. Jeelani has also developed the first algorithm to map real-world gaze fixations of dynamic human subjects and developed a novel vision-based automated hazard detection system for construction. The work will be instrumental in augmenting human worker’s performance in detecting hazards on construction job sites. Currently, Dr. Jeelani is working on multiple projects funded by NSF and the US Department of Labor investigating the health and safety implications of UAVs on construction job sites, and building the AI-based tools to improve safety performance in construction.

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Jason von Meding

Jason von Meding

M.E Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management, Florida Institute for Built Environment Resilience (FIBER)
Associate Professor

Ph.D. Construction (Disaster) Management, BArch, BSc Architecture – All Queen’s University Belfast, UK

Areas of Focus:
Sustainability (Built Environment Resilience)

My research focuses on the injustices and inequalities that are foundational to our social system, and how disasters unveil society and show us what needs to change. At its core, my intellectual pursuits are interrogating what a sustainable social/political/economic future would look like, and demonstrating that we are not on such a pathway.

Dr. Jason von Meding is an Associate Professor in Rinker School and a founding faculty member of the Florida Institute for Built Environment Resilience (FIBER). He is a researcher, educator and communicator in disaster studies who joined the University of Florida in 2019. His research is primarily community-centered and highly participatory, focusing on how injustice and inequality are the fundamental drivers of risk in society, and therefore shape disaster impacts.

Before moving to the U.S. he spent 6 years at the University of Newcastle, Australia, where he established the Disaster and Development Research Group and was recognized as Researcher of the Year at the institution level in 2017. His PhD was conferred by the Queen’s University of Belfast in Northern Ireland, where he also spent 3 years on faculty from 2010-2013 and before that trained as an architect in the early 2000s.

Jason has taught students around the world about disasters for over a decade – from the societal root causes of risk to post-disaster professional practice. At the University of Florida, he delivers courses about the history of shelter, housing and sustainable construction. He is Coordinator of CIB Working Commission 120- Disasters and the Built Environment and is a popular speaker in the disaster studies field. As part of his focus on public facing science communication, he is co-host of the Disasters: Deconstructed Podcast and tweets @vonmeding.

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