Preview What DCP Is All About

Every Summer, the University of Florida welcomes its new Gators to Preview, an orientation program designed to help students transition to college and welcome them and their families to the university.

“The college’s role during Preview is to introduce our programs and opportunities through two 40-minute presentations,” DCP Assistant Director of Academic Affairs Pat De Jong said. “This happens throughout the summer via 36 different Preview dates hosting freshmen, transfer students, PaCE students and HSAA graduates.”

DCP has presentations in two rooms: one is for the Rinker School of Construction Management and one is for the undergraduate majors of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Sustainability and the Built Environment.

Sallie Schattner is the Admissions Officer for the Rinker School and handles their Preview presentations.

“I cover the career track, study abroad opportunities, internship and career opportunities, Rinker Hall’s features, our combined degree program, minors that fit into the construction management curriculum and suggested courses for Summer B and Fall semester,” Schattner stated. “I also have enough time for questions after the presentation.”

De Jong also gives an information-filled presentation to Preview attendees about the rest of DCP’s programs.

“Our presentation is hosted by our academic advisors and some of the things we discuss include each program’s unique curriculum, study abroad opportunities, internships and job opportunities, images from our design studio courses, our facilities, our minors, double majors and combined degree programs and suggested courses for Summer B and Fall semester for each major,” De Jong explained.

He said his team also provides time for questions from students and family after the presentation.

These presentations provide an opportunity for these new Gators to learn what DCP is all about and hopefully want to become part of the DCP family. The college is thankful for this opportunity to be in front of these audiences and promote all the great things our students, faculty and staff do on a daily basis.

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